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Barr;s encounter

Barr;s encounter

By esme

drips of water fell into the pond from the overhaning willow branch, the branch glittered because it was covered in a thin blanket of dew. It was not too cold for ice yet, no no, that would come later. the drips were fasanating to wach, just the little things, make anything happy you know?.

the white spirit rose from the bucket into the air and swerled up, but before it could go off into the now dusk night air it felt itself beeing pulled into Baara's chest!
Baar splutered and coughed, and fell to his knees, "sam you -" but before he bould finish sam slaped him on the back with a cloved hand, that set baar in for another fit of coughing
"lern to live a little dude" said sam, he smiled a toothy grinn a grinn that looked horrible because sam had only 4 teeth in his cut up mouth.
baar grumped to his feet and moande, not because of the pain, well mabey the pain bothered him, but mostly because sam was bent into the bucket of white spirit and alcaholl, he was enjoying the way it made his head feel.
sam loved fellin high, and he hated comeing down from theat high place, that was the problem. Barr loved sam, he was a great dude you know?. "why dont we just drink the alcaholl" Baar had said but, no, sam serprisingly didnt take to alcaholl much. When sam and Baar first became good friends it was may and quite sunny for a day like that! it was in a park too, they were not little kids when they met, little kids had too much innosence, they just take it as it comes, they beleve evrything they are loyal, thats what sam hated, not little kids, but the fact that, in this world of lies and evil suited governers innosent kids would most defantly be pulled in before they could make up there own mind! " the worlds shite" sam had said to a neetly comed haired, straight trouser legged Baar in the playgroung that day, they became friends from that moment, it was destsny.
"we should not do this sam! " baar said and ran over to his friend, but sam was not having it, he rose from the yellow bucket and grinned sheepishley "come on dude lets go home" baar said.
sam then bent dubble and puked his guts out.
"you ask too many questions" said sam as they were walking through the town. streetlights stuck out the ground like crooked broken cyclopses with one eye glowing in there forheads, baar giggled silently to himself, the fumes in the bucket sam had made Baar inhale. "yeah?" baar asked "yep" said sam, he was only trying to make conversasion, it was nice of him but baar could tell he was off in his own little world.

the next morning Baar and sam had died, by the cold.

found under a willow tree, next to a frozen pond there boddies frozen over with dew, yep duew.

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About This Story
3 Feb, 2011
Read Time
2 mins
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