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Basement Boy
Basement Boy

Basement Boy

enigmaticflamingoMother Goose
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I knew I wasn't supposed to do this but, it gave me a rush of adrenaline that flowed throughout my body. The door creaked as I opened it, a whoosh of cold air came brushing my face. The dust was suspended in the air, floating throughout the room like snow on Christmas Eve. I started descending the old, rotten wooden stairs. Each step I took, a small cloud of dust came to my nose from the veil deposited on the stairs. My mom always told me to never go down the basement, that it was the most forbidden thing in our household. But I still did it, it felt good to be bad. I arrived at the bottom of the stairs. It was dark and the air was clammy, just like my great aunt's hands... I started exploring this foreign cave, not so foreign as it was in my own home. I kept walking around, exploring every nook and cranny. The stench of rodent poison filled this ancient room. I saw something very peculiar all of a sudden, and as I approached it, a cold hand grabbed my arm and pulled me out the basement. The figure slammed the door, I saw my mom's furious face staring deep in my eyes. She yelled:
-"Kevin! What the hell did I say? No going in the basement ever!"
She left me on the living room couch all alone. I wanted to mention the little boy with no arms or legs and a bloody smile sitting in the corner, but I was afraid that would infuriate her even more...

Author Notes: Hope you like it! Go check some of my other scary stories...

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Mother Goose
About This Story
29 May, 2019
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1 min
5.0 (1 review)

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