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Basketball Advice Part 1
Basketball Advice Part 1

Basketball Advice Part 1

BeowulfAnthony E

So you wanna play basketball.

Get an off hand,(weaker hand/ the hand you do not write with) start with dribbling with it, dribble like you were on a plane: Nonstop. Put your other hand behind your back and dribble until boredom and then dribble some more. Get some chalk and make a tic tac toe board on your driveway, sidewalk, or street. Put yourself in the middle and dribble into each box without taking a step, especially with that off hand. Side to side, up and down, do your best Ralph Macchio. Head up, don't look down and don't look back, keep dribbling.

Dribble low and fast, figure 8's around your legs, figure O's around legs together. Sit on the ground, watch a movie, but keep dribbling: Nonstop. Walk backwards while you dribbling, walk sideways while dribbling, run with your dribble, all with the off hand.

A player has got to dribble, whether you're a big man or Trey Young it starts with the bouncing ball and having the vision not to use your vision, don't look down and don't look back. There's plenty of time to learn to pass and shoot, you can't move the ball if your mind is dedicated on staring at the ball.

Dribble that ball

Bending short or standing tall

Dribble that ball

Give it your time, give it your all

Dribble that ball

In your basement or in the hall

Dribble that ball

Bounce it against the school wall

Dribble that ball

Winter, Spring, Summer, Fall

Dribble that ball

It will never happen for you, it never will

If you don't constantly dribble that pill.....

Author Notes: Young players can't go left (use their offhand), respect it, protect it, and perfect it.

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Anthony E
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26 Dec, 2021
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