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Be Gone Disco Demon

Be Gone Disco Demon

By DrPhilbilly

I came home from Georgia this past Saturday night for Father’s Day Weekend. I was about half way there and it was getting pretty late when I noticed something strange coming through Birmingham. I was so tired and wasn’t really paying attention to the radio but apparently the station I was listening to faded and a new one had taken its place.

I realized I had bopped my head and played the steering wheel through the entire Village People song “Macho Man.” What the heck is that all about? I changed the station and Rod Stewart wanted to know if I thought he was sexy. I’m stuck in a disco time warp or something. So I stopped at a quick stop to gas up and get some snacks.

I get back in my truck with my hands full, fumbling for my keys and almost dropping my Hunts Brothers Pizza. I was getting frustrated but I finally got the truck cranked and the radio comes on with the SOS Band telling me “Take your time do it right.”

Ok this is weird, my radio is now communicating with me through Disco. I wait to get on the road to find a new station and every time I change it it’s a disco song so I just turn it off. Then I hit a bump and it comes back on and Wild Cherry is telling me to “Play that funky music white boy.”

My radio is possessed by Disco, go figure. I hit the seek button and pick up my slice of pizza and pizza juice started to run down my elbow. I asked myself “What the heck is that?” That’s when the radio stopped on a station and the Bee Gee’s told me “Grease is the word.” Now I’m starting to get a little freaked out.

I hit the seek button once more and yelled out “I CAN‘T TAKE IT ANYMORE!” That’s when a new song came on and Gloria Gaynor informs me “I will survive.” I break out in a bead of sweat and wipe my forehead. I’m burning up. I must have “Saturday Night Fever.”

I place a hand on the dash and scream “BE GONE DISCO DEMON!“ I kid you not the station changes and Kenny Loggins is singing “I’m Alright.” Now we’re talking, real music. And I will be alright just as soon as I get home and get my mother in law to lay hands on my truck. I’m just sayin’.

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About This Story
16 Jul, 2010
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2 mins
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