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TheDeckerEdgeMatt Decker

I think we need to address

the elephant in the room

and while we're at it

that 800-pound gorilla, too.


Welcome to the one-trick

dog-and-pony show

where sitting ducks are daffy

and angry birds eat crow.


Hello kitty,

it's dog-eat-dog out there.

Eager beavers

get the lion's share.


The way-too-early bird

opened a can of worms.

But @ little birdie tweeted:

The worm has turned.


Rats race in a wild goose chase.

Bird's-eye view:

monkey see,

monkey do.


The herd makes a beeline

toward the hive mind.

Legions cast their pearls

before pig-headed swine.


Survive the vulture culture

and the world is your oyster.


A bull market is a cash cow.

Fat cats milk it for all they're allowed.


Chicken or Egg

Cart and Horse

Ducks in a row --

Which goes first?


Chuck chickened out

and clammed up.

Billy pigged out

and went belly up.


There's a bee in Bonnie's bonnet.

Ooh...she's mad as a hornet.


Hold your horses!

Don't have a cow.

Patience is a virtue

and the cat's meow.


The eye of the tiger

watches like a hawk.

Plenty of fish

swim with sharks.


A silver fox is guarding the hens.

Watchdogs cry wolf in the lion's den.


The GOAT is a sacred cow.

The top dog plays cat and mouse.


Maybe it's cheesy

but Mickey smells a rat.

It could be a weasel

or a snake in the grass.


Hear the lines roar

and silly bulls speak.

That's just the nature

of the beast.


Šī¸ Matt Decker

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About The Author
Matt Decker
About This Story
22 Apr, 2022
Read Time
1 min
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