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By EscapeThePain123

Im the new girl at school, but i instantly made friends with one of the most popular girls at the school. she was mean to everyone, but me. i started to become one of the popular girls. i actually felt..normal. Amanda, was the most popular girl at school. we hung out everyday. but she had a few friends that didn't really like me at all? one of her friends tells amanda i had been saying things behind her back. i was never confronted though. it was just another day, i walked up to her front door, an rang the doorbell. she let me inside, and welcomed me with a smile. out of no where she calls me a bitch an starts yelling at me? an that's when 4 of her friends that didn't like me, come out of no where. all 5 beating me and calling me name. without a care, they knock me unconcious. as soon as i awoke, i was hit more. one punch after another. was this really happening? i tried escaping once...only to get slammed into the door. they beat me to the point i had a broken skull. an need 39 stiches on my head. they were stupid enough to take a picture of each an everyone of them punching me, they even took a picture of the aftermath. my life, will never be the same..

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9 Dec, 2011
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1 min
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