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Beautiful juliet

Beautiful juliet

By sweetmoon

Cristal and I met right in junior high. She was the most love in school and most popular, Yet i did not know why she hang out with someone like me. I used to be that type of emo looking guy whose parents only saw on saturdays. I am the only child so i guess i have more freedom then any other kid.

One day she invided me to her birthday party. I was so happy that i put on my best clothes to see her. When i got to her house, a lot of people were their and some of them hated me. As soon as she saw me, she hug me and gave me a drink. "mike, please stop been so shy". She told me with her sweet lips.

I had fell in love with her but she later left me. I tought she did not to hang out with me cause of my emo looks so i change. I no longer dress all in black with my long black hair. Now my hair is short and up. My muscles are shown though my shirt and my blue jeans fit perfectly.

The sunny day of may i confess to her thiking she would accept me. "im sorry" she said and walk away. Why? i thought i was perfect now....

Later i found out her boyfriend had beating her cuase he found out she love me.

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30 Mar, 2011
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1 min
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