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A beautiful Lady

A beautiful Lady

By katherine

One day on May the 15th 1963 I was born a boy and I said to myself this is not what I wanted to be born as I looked down at myself, my parents are Robin Luckham and Glenys Underwood, I was born in Hornsey England, I really wanted to born a girl, so even though I am a 48 year old man, on or before my 50th birthday I shall be having the change from male to female, Us Ladies can multi task where as males can not multi task, My name and surname used to be Mr Alexander Arthur Lee Luckham now it is Ms Hermione Katherine Dawn Luckham as changed by deed poll uk, My family's surname back in history orginated from Upwey near Weymouth in Dorset, and way back than that my family's surname was Lucombe from the hamlet or village of Lucombe in North Devon, you may well be asking yourselves why this late in this life do I want to become a Lady, well the truth is it is up to me you see, I mostly have some very understanding female friends who are as chilled as chilled cucumbers as to me wanting to become a proper and full time Lady, males in my life are not so chilled about me wanting to become a Lady, well that is their problem as is with all males, I even as a man once belive in The Womens Liberation Movement, One day I would love to get married to a tall dark hansome man preferably one who understands us Ladies including The Womens Liberation Movement and who has really really woken up to that us Females are real and not fictional unlike what a a lot of males think that us Females are not real and fictional, which us Females are not fictional and that us Females are real, Most of my family are chilled about me becoming a Lady apart from my sister Cesci and her Mum Louise plus my Father/Louise's husband Mr Robin Luckham who are against me becoming a Lady, my relatives are as far as I know are chilled about me becoming a Lady, I know in my heart of hearts that I will and be very happy as a Lady and no longer a boring old male if you know what I mean by that about having been a male earlier in my life, Happy reading and enjoying my story, yours as always Ms Hermione Katherine Dawn Luckham. I hope this story will be a sucess of sorts and will help others realize their dreams of becoming a Female from having been a Male in this and other lifetimes.

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About This Story
20 Nov, 2011
Read Time
2 mins
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