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Beautiful Lie

Beautiful Lie

By KevinT

Been awhile since I had wrriten a relfextion. The topic of this reflextion is a beautiful lie. Can a "Beautiful Lie" can really exist? To us boyfriends or girlfriends when we get to fights with our partner, because of lies we had said to each other. I, one day started to think that a beautiful lie can come from your partner, not knowing us that a lie can turn to a beautiful for the fact we believe it and we continue with it seeing the beauty of it until we know the truth. That's when the beauty is taken away from the lie, it was beautiful for the fact that we could see beautiful things throughout living it. We risk the lieing for our relationship, sometimes it helps, but sometimes in most of the cases destroy the relationship. We are supposed to have confidence in relationships, without confidence there is no real good relation. Sounds old what I'm saying, but indeed is true. Nowadays relations last one month, one week or even one day or hour. Mostly what relations want nowadays is sex, have someone to kiss and use anytime someone wants, and just the fact of having somebody so they would not say they don't have a girlfriend or boyfriend. So much things we have lost, some of us don't even know what they have already last, they would at the last moment like always. Sometimes when we are lie or use by somebody or by a friend we feel mad, angry, careless, lost, confuse, use, and would like to start over, but sadly it is not possible. Even after all of this we must remember that we shouldn't be angry at something that made us happy one day. I'm happy how I am with my gf and hopefully we won't have this type of problems :) . Remember always readers "Tomorrow holds such better days". Thank you for reading this, here is my email in case you have a topic for a reflextion [email protected]...

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8 Jun, 2011
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