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Beautiful Scars Part 11
Beautiful Scars Part 11

Beautiful Scars Part 11

BookNerd123Lemon Drop
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(Bailey's pov.)

I walk down the long hallway of the prison; after four years of waiting those boys were finally charged with rape. And will be in jail a long time.

I walk into the room and sit down holding up the phone he takes it.

"What do you want?" His voice is like acid and I hold up a picture of my baby girl. "This is Annalise. You cannot have her," I hang up the phone, collect myself, and walk out.

____________________ ______________________ ____________________

Braidy stands in front of his daughter, a camera in his hands, and tears in his eyes. "Daddy, don't cry. Its just college,"he nods and I wipe away the tears brewing in my eyes. "Be careful," I call as she pulls out onto the road and heads away from us to begin her own life.

Author Notes: I know its short but I thought it would be the best ending.

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Lemon Drop
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15 Oct, 2020
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