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A Beautiful stranger

A Beautiful stranger

By Smaller

Since the age of five, I’ve been drowning into the world of art but never could reach the top of the sea. I’ve always been looking for a person who could express her feelings through art and music. The man who inspired me is the only Michelangelo. I was once invited to a live painting exhibition in Oviedo, in which paintings were to be made on the spot and I was one of the participants. I never knew why I always thought that I could never win. It was not that I thought of myself inferior to others but my self-esteem was lacking at some place. Despite of containing this negative feeling inside myself, I never refused any of these events because doing my work always satisfied me if not others. Well, I was all ready for this event; all the ideas were set in my mind.

The moment I entered the arena, I could see a huge group of artists. They came from different parts of the world. In that huge, crowd I observed that there was a beautiful lady glancing at me as if she new me from ages, but I avoided communicating with her at a critical time. Again, self mistrust, Huh..!. Anyways, it seemed that she was an artist too.
Just a little while before the event started, she came and stood right beside me and whispered something eccentric in my ear. That was the most sweat and seducing move she had smoothly made and I almost fell in love with her. The event was started now, but her presence was killing me softly but I fully concentrated on my painting. After a while I forgot my idea, but soon came up a new idea. This time my idea was to paint the famous one peace sculpture of “Marry and Jesus” by Michelangelo. This was pretty hard but I practiced it a lot. Three hours were more than enough for me to complete my painting.

Thinking about that girl made my painting even more beautiful. This time my feelings were totally opposite to what I used to think before. This time I believed that I would win. A woman is definitely a “fortune star” for men. I never made such detailed painting ever in my whole life. I was surprised by my own work for the first time in my life. Quickly after finishing the painting, I moved towards the lady. “Hey!” I said. “Hey” she replied with curiosity. “Can I see your work “I asked her humbly. “ My pleasure” she replied. Seeing her work took me in a different medium. I was slightly shocked with her idea. Whatever she had made was unbelievable. When she saw my work her expressions were almost the same as mine. I didn’t bother to ask her name out and just bent down on my knees and sang these few beautiful lines to her, “Beautiful stranger, don't want to know your name, Beautiful stranger, just want to take your hand, how sweet it can be, if you make me dance, how long it will last, baby if we dance?”. She was speechless after hearing these few sweat lines and hugged me as tight as she could. This kind of experience was something that I never experienced before. Even though I didn’t win that competition but I’ve scored a beautiful partner. Getting her was my victory. Strangers sometimes become good for you. Me and “stranger” kept on meeting each other and love each other till now.

L.O.V.E ‘Beautiful Stranger’

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22 Nov, 2011
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2 mins
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