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Before It's Too Late [Chapter One]

Before It's Too Late [Chapter One]

By Ashleymossstories

Beep, beep beep. My alarm clock sang, today was the 1 year anivarsary of Dylan asking me out. The rays of sun past through the blinds and landed on my forehead. I opened my eyes slowly and lightly touched the alarm clocks snooze button and slip my black blanker off of me. The cold air made my skin form goosebumps. I slowly stretched feeling every muscle pulling comfortably. I sat up and slipped my pink sheep skin slippers on.

I shuffled to the hard wood floored hallway to the bathroom, I did my buisiness and washed my face, I applied Clinique foundation in Sand, and finished it with Rimmel Stay Matte pressed powder with my kabuki brush. My skin was oily but I have never had a pimple once in my life.

Then, I applied my cheap liquid eyeliner and finished it with Covergirl Lash Blast mascara. I blinked a few times helping both the mascara and the eyeliner dry faster. Satisfied, I pulled my long brown hair out of the bun it was in all night. The soft curls fell to my face, I combed my hair to my liking and stared into the mirror. My chocolate bown hair and winged eyeliner complimented my light blue eyes very well.

I shuffled back to my room giving one more stretch before I picked out my clothes. I picked out a pink floral coloured skirt with a baby pink t-shirt. I smiled as the outfit complimented the curves on my body.

My phone started to buzz, it was Dylan, I smiled and pressed accept, "Hey baby." I said with a giddy voice, "Meet me at the corner?" he said, the corner was where he asked me out exacally a year ago, "You got it" I said and pressed the end button.

I slid on my white flats with a 3d rose at the top of the flat, grabbed my black purse, my keys, and walked out the door. I made my way to the corner of my street and saw Dylan staring at his feet. He was so cute when she was shy, my flats lightly clicked and clacked on the pavement.

As I was walking up to him he looked up and shot me a crooked smile. My heart fluttered, "Hi baby." He said giving me a kiss and a hug. I smiled, he held my hand playing with my freshly manicured nails, "I have something to ask you." He said and got down on one knee, "Jessilyn Anne Parker, I love you and I always will, I knew we would be together forever the second week we were going out. Will you marry me?" He asked with his signature smile. My heart was pounding, I could hear it in my ears. I squiled and nodded my head eagarly, "Yes, yes I will Dylan, I love you!" he took a little velvet sea foam coloured box out of his back pocket, he opened it slowly and there was a heart shaped diamonnd ring, it was about 2 karots. He slid it on my finger and we hugged, he kissed me long and hard.

All of the sudden I felt a sharp pressure on my hips, someone pulled me away from my hips and dragged me away, Dylan tried to get the grip free, he didn't succeed though. A cloth bag was pulled over my head and I heard a car pull up, it sounded heavy, like a van. I heard the door slide open and the person picked me up, I tried to break free of his grip, flailing my arms and legs around. I was thrown in the car and hit my head. My body went limp, and I felt the car drive away.

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About This Story
11 Feb, 2011
Read Time
3 mins
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