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Before the Dawn

Before the Dawn



" Why must you always bring up my looks.People who are considered hot are capable of having insecurities," Gabriel said as he threw a pebble in the clear blue lake. I rolled my eyes bumping him playfully in the shoulder. "Sure you do." I said with a laugh. He sighed and looked over at me , his stormy gray eyes boring into mine. "Are you insecure August?" He asked his voice a little deeper than usual. I looked away from him tucking a strand of my ruby red hair behind my ear before releasing a bitter laugh. "I should be the last person you should ask that question." Gabe looked at me his eyebrow crinkled in confusion and said "Why would you say that?" I look away from him then glance back with an agitated look and say," C'mon Gabe remember who you're talking to. Are'nt whores suppose to feel insecure?" From the corner of my eye I see him stand up and walk away from me. I turn around to see his back towards me walking back towards the path. "Where are you going!" I call as I get up to follow him. When I catch up I see that his nostrals are flared and he,s gritting his teeth."Gabe," I say tapping his shoulder. He ignores me and continues on. "HEY!" I say stepping in front of him placing both of my hands on his solid chest. He looks up at me his gray eyes darker and stops. "What's wrong?" I ask him calmly before letting my hands drop back slowly to my sides."Everything, he says his breathing returning to normal. I step away from him and say "I would appreciate it if you could explain." Gabe closed his eyes and sighed. " It get's me angry that you accept what they call you. It makes me want to go find Nick and....... " He let the statement end there as he walked around me.I turned around and said " What's the use of fighting aganist it,Gabe?It does'nt matter what they say, if I choose to accept them calling me a slut or a whore let me. And Nick as far as Im concerned doe'snt exist."

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8 Apr, 2013
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1 min
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