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Before You Live Unknowingly
Before You Live Unknowingly

Before You Live Unknowingly


The dead man's life is an insight to life itself, to the meaning of living life for those who have lived as well for those still waiting to awake from slumber.

Sometimes what awaits you is much bigger and better than what has gone by. Those around us play a huge part in our life, helping us, nurturing, protecting, encouraging, understanding, respecting, restricting, loving but most of all teaching us of life itself.

I believe that not only few but all of us are born to do great things. But sometimes either we are too insecure or timid in our own skin that we fail to realize our strength and we give in to the rules, the norms, the opinions of others and fail to move ahead, to pursue, to dream, to deny and to even live , hence losing the battles we should have won.

But those who make us the people we want to be are those who teach us to love , to hate , to stand firm, and to live with faith.

These books we read, the things we see they are not the real wonders, the magic lies in the deliverance of what the true meaning lies beneath the surface.

For a mind wether young or old is never empty, for age is just a number and the heart will always remain young!

As for what I am capable of.. will always be beyond your belief!

Author Notes: Please do write a review and let me know what you think.. thankyou!

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28 Oct, 2018
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1 min
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