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Before You Pull the Trigger... Pt. 2
Before You Pull the Trigger... Pt. 2

Before You Pull the Trigger... Pt. 2

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I fall asleep again, but then my mom came in and I sat up and froze. "H-Hay Mom~", I say with a nervous smile. "YOU were supposed to take your sister to the park not your BROTHERS, you idiot", She half yells. "Ugh, what are you good for?", She says while walking out of the room. Ok, you-The Reader- May think that this hurts me. right? Wrong, I'm used to this. She's always hated me, and I never knew why.

Anyways Back to the story. Once I hear my mom get back into bed I get up and start to get ready to cook, yes, I know how to cook. I get out the powdered pancake mix from the white painted cabinet.By the time i'm done my brothers and sister are back all the plates, syrup, and other stuff are out. Once all of us sit down, I relise that theres one empty plate, along with an empty seat.

The rest of them were sad, while me? I just grabbed the plate and utensils and just put them back. We ate in silence until our little sister jumped in and started to say "Well isn't anyone gunna talk?!", before any of us can continue, she starts "I'm gunna die because all the words are just sitting waiting to come out!", she said with a huge smile leaning back in her chair. Then my Brothers start to talk. Before I knew it we were chatting away, probably the happies i'd ever been beside when my dad was around...

Author Notes: Hey really sorry still lazy and I don't know why but I will keep going with this soon :3

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30 Apr, 2020
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