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Begging For Deliverance

Begging For Deliverance



I was running, faster than I ever had in my life. Something was chasing me and I was afraid of it as it continued to pursue me viguriously. Twigs and leaves cracked under my bare feet causing them to bleed. Though the pain seemed unbarable I pressed on afraid if I stopped then whatever was after me would kill me. As the dark woods began to thin out into a field I came to a stop whipping my head behind me...... And then I woke up with a start gasping for air as my eyes darted across my room. I let out an enormous sigh when I realized that it was a dream. A cool night breeze came through my open window chilling my damp skin. I shivered as I rose from my bed and walked to the coner of my room where my computer sat on my old wooden desk. With another sigh i flopped into the chair and pressed the "on" button, bringing it to life within seconds. As I waited for the windows to pop up I recalled the dream and thought about what it meant. " What was chasing me?" I said outloud brushing my hair out of my face. The music that signaled that the loading was complete brought my attention back to the computer. I quickly logged on to Yahoo Messenger and e-mailed my best friend Blaire. " Hey Blaire what are you doing? I e- mail. I sit back and wait anxiously for her to reply. A minute later she replies. " SLEEPING WEIRDO WHY ARE'NT U". I laugh at her comment and reply " Had another bad dream, comfort me NOW!" When she replies I feel as though she is concerned. " Where you running?" she replied quicker than I thought. I looked at the messege for a moment and replied "How in the heck did you know that?" Blaire replyed with a clipped " Good night Deliverance go back to sleep." With that I know that she's done e- mailing and I log off. As I log on to YouTube to watch some random videos I feel someone behind me. I turn around to find no one there but feel a chill go down my spine.

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10 Apr, 2013
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1 min
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