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Beginning of the End?
Beginning of the End?

Beginning of the End?

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Beginning of the End?💔

Should I scream to vent it all out , or wait to make things better? Was I destined to hold back and land into this chaos or grow up to experience surreal elations? Shall I approve my inner potentials to let go of hope and stay stunned to the unstoppable conscience or leave it in God's hands and watch the broken shells of Almighty's favourite soul? Still figuring out the answer to these questions!

Reaching out was not an option,but I still swamped every bit of my patience into sharing my heart's derived thoughts and nobody listened . I couldn't afford to handle the wounded scars of my soul, so this was me on the verge of ending a beautiful yet scattered life. But is this why I was chosen by the one who created me? Still figuring out,still figuring out!!

Finally I woke up to realise the sunshine 'Most High' had casted upon me since birth. It was his plan to cringe me out of the pernicious poison I had been feeding deep within me and showed me the reality I ignored, the resources I denied and the dormant capabilities I possess even now . Of course, I was taken to an orphanage for a visit so as to feed the poor and help them in some way. Little did my parents know, that they saved their child's life from washing away dreams and leaving everything behind through death. I couldn't shift my attention from the glistening little happiness the young ones had in their eyes. That day, I was clearly taught that peace comes when you accept it with open arms , through your bliss not after what reality distinguishes you with.

That was the moment which granted me a new life and I figured out the answer to the questions my intellectual version , dying to die inquired my soul with.

The most important thing in life is ONLY YOU!!♥️Blessed with a healthy body and mind , supportive abilities carrying a powerful aim and what not! Every creature on land has been given at least one common thing- the treasure to rediscover and this is what one must use when these thoughts flash one's mind.🤞

I urge to each one of you to start thinking about yourselves, rather than what nudges you out of what you want to be.DEATH IS NOT A SOLUTION. 🙏


Author Notes: Thanks a bunch for reading this fictional story!!❣️ Hoping to write something even better for the readers. If you like it, pls do recommend and review this further! 🙏💓

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31 Jul, 2020
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2 mins
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