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Behind Her Brown Eyes

Behind Her Brown Eyes

By Sammykingston212

Tyler Roberts looked like any other 13 year old. She had everything. She was a beautiful Brunette with brown eyes. Every boy wanted to be with her. She was Very beautiful. Everyone would describe her as an extremely happy girl. She would always smile and laugh, teased, everyone loved her. But she was keeping a dark secret. A secret whom nobody was suppose to know until April 15th, That was when her secret got out. And ended with extreme consequences.

Tyler had a best friend named Emma. Emma Collins. She was with her through thick and thin. They told eachother everything. But... everything was just nothing. A couple of days before she admitted to Tyler she thought of suicide. Tyler feared for her friend's life. Then she told her what she never told anyone before. "I cut myself", Tyler said. Emma stood there in the hallway motionless. Her best friend, cutting herself? "No, you're lying", replied Emma fiercely. "No i'm not, but i'm getting help."
Emma just stood there. Pale.

Sean Rivers was Tyler's best guy friend. They were the close friends. But Sean has noticed a change in Tyler. Conversations would turn into arguments , and arguments would turn into a bad fight.Tyler's emotions have gotton so out of control she told Sean "F*ck you SEAN"! She didn't mean it at that time lots of things were happening with her. But she couldn't tell him. She knew he wouldn't understand. So she kept silent and lost her friend over her cuts. Why couldn't she tell him? What if he misunderstands?

What no one did know was why?Why did she do it? Well truth is Tyler was a very lonely girl. She felt like no one loved her, she felt that if she died ,what difference would it make? What people never realized was that she was left out alot. At home she was at the corner alot alone. She would cry every single day. She would see the world as a joke who just watched her suffer. But that wasn't true. Tyler didn't know that. Until one day on April 15th everyone found out. Tyler could never forget the look n their faces, the look on Sean's. They would never look at her the same way.

They started calling her "Emo" until one day she has had enough and killed herself. At her funeral everyone was ashamed of themselves cause they knew they could've saved her. Even Sean regretted fighting with her. Emma regretted avoiding her.What Sean didn't know was how much Tyler loved him. But it was too late , she was gone, All because no one could see behind her brown eyes.

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12 Dec, 2011
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2 mins
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