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Behind My Smile
Behind My Smile

Behind My Smile


Every day I smile,

That’s always my style,

Hide what I feel,

It takes a great deal,

But never a true feeling,

It is very yielding,

My friends never see,

They are always filled with glee,

I always wonder if I’m free,

A prisoner of my mind,

Forever in a bind,

As I think I should go,

The wind starts to blow,

I think of death,

I take my final breath,

Flying down to the ground,

All I hear is a sound,

I look to my left,

This is my best,

Falling to the ground,

My feeling have been found,

I know only darkness,

People thought I was heartless,

But I felt something hard collid,

People knew I lied,

I was flying up so high,

The days started to pass by,

I saw something never before,

All my friend lost the smile,

So I thought we should tread on to live longer please don’t commit suicide

Author Notes: If you are thinking thoughts of suicide please, you deserve a better death, please think of all the people you know, and think of how your death will affect people around you.

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5 Jun, 2018
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