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Behind You
Behind You

Behind You

enigmaticflamingoMother Goose
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Finals, ISEE's, ACT's... So many test studies awaited me at my desk. My mother, Maria, and I were the only ones living in our home near the heart of Queens. I wanted a better life, for me and my mom. This is why I worked hard for her; she spared very high expenses for my high school. She was out tonight, the first time in at least 5 years. My mom kissed me goodbye and I raced upstairs to my room. It was about 9 pm... I sat down on my desk and put on my headphones. The thunder was growling outside and my door was slowly swinging because of the breeze sneaking through my broken window. I never closed it, it was a strange tick of mine. I started studying, blasting heavy metal music in my earphones to keep the deafening sound of the pipes and thunder out. After countless hours of studying at around 1 am, I heard my mom yell my name at the top of her lungs:
-"Daniel! What the hell happened here!?"
I rushed down the stairs, there was a trail of muddy footprints throughout the house... They went from the back door to the stairs and stopped, strangely enough... She said:
-"Daniel, que pasó? Why is there a mess?"
-"It wasn't me, I was in my room all night studying!", I replied.
We sat down and talked about what could've happened. After a few minutes, we realized someone got in and maybe still was in the house. My mom grabbed me and ran to the garage while calling 911. She locked us in, panicking. A few minutes later, we heard knocking and yelling in the home:
This is the police, you called for the home intrusion!
My mom and I headed out and explained everything. One sat us down, questioning us, while the other searched the home. The one who searched came down and with a stern look on his face asked:
-"Whose room is upstairs to the left?"
-"Mine", I said.
We all headed up and on my door were written these exact words:
9:37: Hello there
10:12: Behind you
11:03: Behind you
12:23: Behind you
12:57: I'll be back...

The police explained that someone had been watching me and writing on the door the time he was standing there... He was gone but as the last timestamp said, was probably coming back. They left and the next day my mom and I left the home to go to my aunt's. To this day, I don't know what could've happened if I would've looked at the door...

Author Notes: Hope you liked that story, please go check out Basement Boy, my most recent story!

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About The Author
Mother Goose
About This Story
3 Jun, 2019
Read Time
2 mins
4.7 (3 reviews)

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