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Being born with the wrong skin Part 2

Being born with the wrong skin Part 2

By digitalman78

Nicholas started to pray to God asking why he sounds so different from black people and God said "we're all different in way we speak, walk and act". "You must accept who you are and be proud". He did just that, listening to euro-dance, pop, and alternative music in his teen years, also watch white sitcoms like "Friends", "Home Improvement", dramas like "Days of our Lives”, “Melrose Place” “Beverly Hills 90210 classic”. Also he loves to watch the NHL occasionally on TV.

Even his mom questions the girls he dates who are mostly white girls whether be a blonde, brunette or red head. She wanted him to date girls of his own race, but he ignored her. He finds white women have more class, self sufficient, friendlier, adventurous, handle their money better and not financially demanding, also finds black women too demanding.

By the time he reached 19, his speech sound almost like a white person perfectly. On the phone he can easily fool a person by sounding like one. In university he studied hotel management to become a hotel manager at Ryerson U. On the dance floor, he's scared to dance on it sometimes because he's losing his rhythm. His blackness is waning away and don't care about it.
He found his future wife in the downtown area working part-time at a clothing retailer, an attractive red head girl. A year later, they got engaged to be married next year.

The End

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2 Jul, 2011
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1 min
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