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Being born with the wrong skin

Being born with the wrong skin

By digitalman78

The guy was born Nicholas Jaheem Brown 1981 in Hertfordshire, a north-east suburb of London, England. He was the last child in his family has a older brother named Neville. His parents were black, mum being from Jamaica and the father from Barbados. They choose to live in Hertfordshire because it's safer than London plus the bad influences in the city.

His family moved to Toronto, Canada when he was 4, to the suburb of Forest Hill, a predominately white suburb with a few minorities living there. His dad left him at 7, because he had a serious drinking problem and beat his mom occasionally when he's drunk. Growing up, he hang around a lot of white kids in elementary school and started to talk differently posh like them. He loved playing hockey, do some skiing, sports that black people aren't into that much. During his teen years at Junior High, the black kids taunted and teased Nicholas of his speech, saying,"whitewash" and refusing to talk in urban talk or Caribbean patois.

White boys teased him as well saying "he's trying to be one of us" and try to isolate themselves from him. "Cadbury boy, go home" they said, and while he was home he started to cry. Stay tuned for part 2 of this story.

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3 Jun, 2011
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