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Being Moral

Being Moral

By Lozza

You are young. You’re 21 to be exact and you’ve decided to go out with two of your mates. You have a lover working hard to earn an income. The two of you are struggling a little bit yet you both insist on donating to charity whenever possible. You both work full time but it’s the weekend and you have a day off. You’ve been with your lover for 4 years now and neither of you could survive without the other. You love each other so much.

You’ve decided to invite Harry and Amy to go rock climbing.

Harry is 24 and has recently lost his mother and has learned he is going to be a dad. However, this guy, is a complete and utter idiot. He hurts everyone and insults whoever he can. He doesn’t work and lives off benefits. Which, in reality, means he is living off of your taxes. He’s constantly insulting your job and making vulgar jokes about your lover. You hate it but you put up with it because he’s going through a hard time. The woman who is having his child cheated on him several times and he took her back so many times. He used to be a nice guy until her. She’s now dumping the child on him and is always telling him to toughen up about his mother. Still, is that an excuse to take it out on you and your lover?

Amy, is 27 and has been with the same guy since she was 18. Nine years it’s been and for five years she’s been cheating. Is that fair? Often you feel the urge to tell the husband but it’s quickly gone when you think of the three children she has. They love her to bits and you see it when you go over her house. Amy and her husband are madly in love, it’s so obvious. But the excuse Amy gives you is he isn’t great in more intimate ways. You think it’s a pathetic excuse but you think of the children and leave it. But guilt often stretches its legs over you because her husband considers you to be a good friend. Nevertheless, Amy is still cheating on her loyal and faithful husband.

The three of you are getting your gear all set and you begin your climb.

Things are going well until…

“How’s the soon-to-be dad holding up?” Amy says with a subtle hint of acid in her voice.

Harry takes his time to reply as he is out-of-breath. “Mind…your own…business.”

“Just trying to make conversation…You look a bit puffed out there Harry, you alright?” More sarcasm in her voice than before.

“Shut up…Amy. How’s the lover going? Wait…which one?” He throws back at her.

Amy is silent after that as you continue your climb. We’re getting higher.

A little while later they continue to bicker around you, but most of it you block out. Harry starts making vulgar jokes about your lover again. You’re getting angry but ignore it.
Suddenly, you feel a sharp pull on the ropes and you hear a snap. Amy screams as you now feel a heavier weight on you.

Two of you are gripping the wall while Amy is dangling in mid-air. The rope won’t hold all three of you much longer, even if Amy was gripping the wall, the rope wouldn’t hold. You look around desperately for an idea on what to do.

“You have to let one of us go!” You hear Harry yell at you.

You don’t want to believe it but it seems to be the case. You have three choices. It’s hard to think because of Amy’s intense screaming and begging, but you manage.

You could let go of Harry. All he does is insult you and your lover and everyone else in the world. He just complains and whines about everything, treats you and everyone else like dirt and then expects you to help him. No one will miss him. But does that mean he deserves to die? If people who do worse things are told they don’t deserve to die, why does he? He was screwed over multiple times and he recently lost his mum. So is it fair?

You could let go of Amy. She’s cheating on her husband. She gave vows and he gives her everything. He gives her everything and in return she cheats on him? Nine years! How could she do that to someone? Break someones heart like that? But she does have kids who love her to bits and she loves them. Is it fair on them to take away their mother? And her husband, don’t you think you should give her the chance to own up to her mistakes and allow each other to fight and then all the rest? Instead of killing her, leaving all of them in a miserable and confused heap? Is that fair? Does she deserve to die? What about the people around her? The people who care about her?

What gives you the right to take away their lives in order to save your own? You only have to let one go. Who deserves it more? But then again, no one deserves death and everyone deserves the chance. Who are you to choose?

You could let go of yourself. You could give up your life to save theirs. No one deserves to die, but no one has the right to take away anothers life. Only your own, you could sacrifice yourself.

You have people around you who care, people who need you, rely on you, love you yet, the only right you have right now is let yourself go. It’s not fair, life isn’t fair. You know this, you know that in this world nothing is ever fair.

You’ve done so much good in your life and so much bad. So has everyone else. Everyone does something wrong, some bigger than others and at different stages of their lives.

Does that mean they deserve to die?

You don’t deserve to die either, but who gave you the right to let someone else go? Is that what they want? Who knows what they want in a time of distress and panic? Some may try to be the hero but in the end, deep down inside, everyone wants to live.

So, who do you choose? Do you cut Amy’s rope? Do you cut Harry’s rope? Or do you cut your own rope?

But you better hurry, you’re running out of time and if you wait too long the main rope will snap and all three of you will be killed.

What do you do?

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About This Story
15 Oct, 2012
Read Time
5 mins
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