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Being Successful
Being Successful

Being Successful

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Being Successful

Success is measured by the amount of times

You consistently get back up after failure

It is not an exterior collective

It is not a fashion or a trend

And contrary to belief you cannot buy success

It is revealed in the strength of knowing

That failure cannot prevent you

From living your life to the fullest

And not being compromised

By levels of human and spiritual indifference

Success is the condition of consistent positivity

That is re-created inside your heart

And wishes no mirrored malevolent recompense

To other souls that have tried to destroy it

It is patient in circumstance

Circumnavigating potential paradoxes

Of irony and injustice

By overcoming them

By standing up

After they laid holes in the road

To watch you fall

In the hope you would stay down

And join them in waiting

For the downfall of others

You are not a failure

You have failed to compromise

To majority reason

You have been scarred

Yes but not to the effect of apathy

You keep standing

It doesn’t matter about anything else

You are alive

You are able to feel

You have hope

Your dreams are still real

You do not wish to escape

You resemble success

And success resembles you as being

A being that is successful

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8 Mar, 2017
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