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Belief (Chapter Two)
Belief (Chapter Two)

Belief (Chapter Two)

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The morning came far too sluggishly. The whole night was a series of nightmares and staying awake for an hour at a time. For most of the night, she tried to think of precedures to be able to see the almost, well, fictitious creatures in the forest without being caught by the drunkard, (aka, her father.)

One of her appalling dreams consisted of her finding out the creatures were fake, only in her imagination. After she couldn't think of a plan, she was almost eqivocal to actually trying to see them once more.

Rapidly, she shook that thought away. Without the loving animals, she would become despondent again. After sitting awhile in her room, pondering her thoughts, she began to get ready for school. Oh, school, her least favorite time, where teachers required you to be social.

She delicately put on her makeup and converted into light colored, ripped skinny jeans and a black t-shirt. She checked the weather and decided to throw on a sweatshirt as well.

Her eyes gleamed like the last burning ember in a fire, like always. They always seemed so bright and bold. She was considered the prettiest girl in school, with her naturally chestnut colored hair and perfectly shaped body.

She had a lot of hate, but a lot of people who liked her too. Lugubriously, she wanted nothing to do with them. All she wanted was to spend time with the creatures. She didn't care about friends, family, or even a proper education. Don't get me wrong, Bridget Wolfe is a very smart girl, but chooses not to try.

She sighed quietly and slipped on her jet black sneakers with obsidian colored shoelaces and iron colored rubber bottoms. Her favorite pair of shoes.

She then dashed downstairs and out the door. The air was crisp and cold for autumn and she could see the wisp of air that she breathed in front of her. She wandered over to the bus-stop and pulled her hood over her head, pretending that she wasn't there.

"Hey, um ah'm new to this country. So hi." a shy British voice seemed to speak to her. Bridget flung the hood off in interest and met eyes with a boy her age with messy light hair and amber shaded eyes. He a cute, nervous smile that any girl would blush at.

"Er hi I'm Bridget." she muttered and titled her head slightly at him in curiousity. "Bridget, meaning strong. A Celtic name, if I'm mistaken, well you ought to pardon me. And I'm Arran." he introduced himself, the shyness seeming to wear off. She noticed he had light freckles along his face that you could barely notice.

Bridget was surprised. "Yeah.. that's accurate." she nodded. Arran smiled at her but looked concerned. "Why is it that you are not involved with the others? You seem like you enjoy the isolation." Bridget winced. He hit too close to the truth. "I don't get along quite well with them, if you know what I mean. Haha, I get along better with animals." she offered a truthful answer, warming up to the young man.

He was dressed, well, in clothing more from the 1900's. He had a white button down shirt on with a bowtie, and a dark blue, long coat. He was quite odd, but so very captivating.

"Ah get what you mean. Ah find enjoyment in animals as well. Guess we have that in common." he grinned his adorable smile and Bridget's face turned crimson and she had to look away. "I guess so." she breathed, her voice barely audible to Arron but he heard it.

The bus finally came and the sat together stiffly in one seat. Once it lurched to a stop and the double doors to the bus flung open, they stood up and ambled down the steps to get to the sidewalk. "See you around?" Arron questioned hopefully. Bridget grinned. "Yeah, I'll see you around."

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7 Dec, 2016
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3 mins
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