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Belief (Chapter 3)
Belief (Chapter 3)

Belief (Chapter 3)

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Bridget forced herself to trudge into that devastating building, also known as high school. She noticed that Arron was following her nervously. "You lost?" she bantered, almost not being able to stifle a laugh. "Y-yeah. Can you lead me to 2-B?" he stuttered. Bridget gave him a taken aback look. "I'm in 2-B." she stated, almost blithely.

He gave her an amazed glance and turned his head away, trying not to reveal his adorable smile, but she still noticed it. God, he is so darn cute. And mature.. Bridget almost sighed in longing. "Y-you remind me of my girlfriend." Arron articulated suddenly. "You have a girlfriend?" she inquired wistfully.

Arron shook his head. "Used to. S-she dumped me." he wiped his eyes quickly, seeming lost in thought. Bridget gave him a genuinely concerned look. "I'm sorry." she whispered softly. "N-no, it's okay. No need to apologize." he stammered and was abruptly silent for the rest of the walk to 2-B.

Even that stutter was cute. Wait, what am I saying?! Bridget scolded her thoughts. She gave him quick, awkward glances, but he never acknowledged them. Soon enough, however, Bridget's one and only friend walked over to her. "Hi Bridg, who's this?" Elena questioned.

"This is Arron," Bridget stated shortly. "Greetings. Ah'm Arron Cheshire. And you?" Arron smiled a weak, fake smile. Please don't do that. Bridget sighed and glanced at her new friend. "Oh, Elena Johnson," she giggled and shook hands with the British man.

"Come over to my house. Midnight." Bridget lingualed determinedly, almost out-of-the-blue. "W-why?" Arron questioned. "I have something I need to show you." she nodded this time. I'm not making it up. He'll see the animals. I know he will. I'll even ask Elena. I need a second opinion, even if it's just from them.

"Okay." he breathed with his thick British accent. The day passed quite gradually, like it always did, but longer because of the furor later on that night. She was quite strong-willed that they would be able to see the mythical creatures.

Eventually, Bridget got home and went to her computer immediately, ignoring the usual screaming back and forth from her parents. She crammed on headphones and soon fell asleep until it was nightfall. Downstairs, her parents had left her dinner on the table unattended.

It was placed on a flimsy paper plate and consisted of a vegetarian hotdog and a couple of cold, measly fries. Hmph, better than nothing. She shrugged and wolfed down her food. She had decided earlier to go to bed early so she would have some dynamism for midnight.

Sooner than expected, it was 11:55. She briskly slithered down the steps, quieter than ever. I won't be caught, not this time! her thoughts shouted with fortitude. She was tiptoed ever so carefully on the slippery, wooden floor. With fear, she placed her hand delicately on the brass doorknob. It opened without a sound. She crept outside and grinned at the welcoming, cool breeze.

She decerned that Arron and Elena were already there. "Good, you're on time." she nodded with approbation. She took note that Elena was preturbed. "There's nothing to be afraid of." Bridget said knowingly. "Whaaa? I don't know what you're talking about." the girl laughed nervously, knowing that she was right.

Bridget only rolled her eyes unbelievingly and motioned them to the backyard. It was lit by the bright moonlight that shone that night. Every tree was a glittering silhouette, but it was clear to tell that there was a forest. "Beautiful," Arron breathed softly, that could've been the only word he said that night.

She gave him a side-glance and grinned. "That's not all," Bridget said, her voice being almost carried away by the nipping breeze. As they walked along the slightly distinct trail, she was anxious that they wouldn't be able to see the creatures.


Author Notes: This is an unfinished chapter that I am editing.

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7 Dec, 2016
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