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Belief (Chapter One)
Belief (Chapter One)

Belief (Chapter One)

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Bridget slinked down the protracted set of stairs without a sound. Her flame brimmed eyes gleamed in the moonlight as she crept towards the door. Her two German shepherds had stiffened at her arrival, but only their eyes followed her as she gradually twisted the doorknob until it silently opened.

She was getting good at this. Her feet soaked uncomfortably in the dew thickened grass. Bridget resisted from taking another step from an unpromising noise that seemed to be coming from the house.

She shook off the uneasy feeling and continued her trek to the forest in her immense backyard. Secretive? No, that wasn't it. Her parents just might want to know why she's so engaged in the forest.

All they knew about her was that she was an emo anomaly that spent all her time on the computer and listening to music. That was why she had to explore the forest at night or they would suspect something was up.

It's not like her parents would nag her if she spent all day in the thicket. All they seemed to have time for was drinking and fighting.

Once Bridget had gotten obscured in the forest, she veered down under a maple tree and sat patiently waiting the arrival of her friends. Friends? I had thought you stated she was introverted, perhaps even alienated. Well yes, she is, with humans.

When it comes to animals, or in her case, mythical creatures, she is sociable and fun-loving. But, her parents had never gotten her a pet before, and the only way she could interact with one was going into the forest.

She has done it quite a lot, escaping her bedroom to get to the animals. This time seemed different. There was a crunching sound nearby that sounded louder than any animal in this undergrowth.

Finally, her father stumbled out of the bushes clumsily. "Whattaya doin' out here? Thought ye was a tresspass'r." his words were slurred and his breath reeked of alcohol.

"Nothing." Bridget hissed, she was hiding her unease. She was panicky when her father was drunk. He tried to grasp her hand roughly, but she swerved out of the way. "Leave me alone." she growled sternly.

"No, ye come back inside, befor' ya get in trouble." he shouted angrily. He raised a hand and striked it against her face. "Ow.." Bridget murmured, wincing as she felt the slap.

She followed her father inside before he abused her any more. Once she had gotten into bed safely and locked her door, she sighed with dismal. "So long, my friends.." she breathed and struggled to fall asleep with her insomnia.

Author Notes: This is a story I find touching to my heart and I hope you enjoy it too. Leave a review if you want me to continue.

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6 Dec, 2016
Read Time
2 mins
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