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Benefits Of The Ocean

Benefits Of The Ocean

By AmberlyEyre

The benefits of the ocean are plentiful, medicine, recreation, industry, food source, land and climate.

Medicine? Yes, the ocean provides many things such as...slime. Fred Rainey, a microbiologist from Louisiana State University claims that what the ocean provides, plus our technology can find cures for things such as chronic pain, asthma and various malignancies (types of cancer), including breast cancer. How does slime come into this excessive, inordinate, miraculous mission? Slime is great at producing biochemicals.

What does recreation have to do with ocean? Hawaii, Florida, even a Caribbean Cruise, needs the ocean. People just love gazing at the orange scarlet horizon, as the roar of the waves pushes against the hull. Well, there are over 10,000,000 cruise ships in the world and without the ocean, POOF, there all gone, downright inoperable and this, this is in the power of the ocean. Now think, this is a major benefit, all the businesses and people who use those 10,000,000 cruise ships.

Industry. Economy. Money. The seafood industry is easy cha-ching. Why? Because 7,000,000 tons of seafood is consumed in the US and seafood isn't the cheapest of all food products.

Food source. The most popular types of seafood are clams, salmon, cod, crab, catfish, lobster and tuna. So even though we eat all of these creatures, the ocean gives a habitat for many ocean animals so they can reproduce, and all these food chains can be in balance.

Ocean. Without the ocean, the world might as well be all land, and specks of water, which means there won't be any islands. Because when the underwater volcanoes...oh yeah...if there aren't any oceans, there won't be any underwater volcanoes to create any islands. See? Gotta love the ocean.

The Earth is 70% water, and the ocean plays a major role in regulating the weather and climate of our planet. Hurricanes. Wind currents. Ocean currents. Hurricanes. The water cycle.

As you can see, the ocean gives us many benefits, it's part of our lives. That's why take care of the ocean, and you're taking care of the world.

Author Notes: :D
Love the Ocean!

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17 Nov, 2013
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