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Ben's office part one

Ben's office part one

By vampirelover

Ben walked to his new office at "Colorado's Event Planners."Ben was a new worker,ready for anything.His brown short hair looked like a bowl,everyone said that about it.He was a Racoon.Just as he settled in the old office,Amy walked in.His tail swooshed up and his ears perked up as well.Amy was a Fox,always dressed in black.Her blue eyes stared at him as she started to speak."Hello,Ben!I'm Amy."She said.Ben smiled,knowing they would become friends soon."Hey,Amy.So whats my first task here?"He asked.Amy fastly responded," Colorado's having a big party for new years,you know,next week.So you and some of the other workers have to work on it.Speaking of other workers,let's go tell them you're here."Amy smiled.Ben stood up and followed her to a big office.It was about 5 offices together with a lounge-like middle office.A female cat stood in one of the offices prank calling with a male tiger.Amy pointed at them."That cat is Kimmy,and the tiger is Matthew.They're married.Both are crazy about eachother.Like soulmates."She said.She pointed at a male Wolf,writing on a paper."That's Robby,he think's his Chuck Norries of something."She said,making Ben chuckle.Amy called Kimmy,Matthew and Robby to the middle office."Can me and Matthew go back to our Office?We were doing inportent business."Kimmy said as Matthew sat next to her,nodding."Sure Kimmy,inportent business."She said,rolling her eyes,"Guys,this is Ben".Robby stood up,"2 of our workers,Austin and Marina,are a bit late,Amy.So can this wait until they arrive?"Robby said.Amy responded after a look at the door and a smile,"Well,they're here,Robby."Ben stared at the door.A male cat,known as Austin,stood there.He wore a black shirt,jeans,and a Red tie.Next to Austin was a female Leoperd,known as marina.Wearing a white,long dress.Ben began to drool staring at Marina's Beautiful apparence.Anyway,His day dreams stopped as Kimmy yelled,"Hey,love birds!"Austin and marina smiled.Ben,heartbroken,rolled his eyes.Amy told everyone about Ben.Work ended hours after that.All Ben did was hang around with everyone the rest of the day.Weeks past with no problems at all.Until one day,Ben came to work a little TOO happy.Amy noticed and went to Ben's office.Ben was staring at a picture,with his Lovely dovey eyes.Something was going on with Ben's love life.Amy had found her first clue!When Ben left,Amy sneeked in his office and grabbed the picture.Before she could see the picture,she herd the door begin to open.She turned off the light and hid under Ben's desk.The door opened and Amy heard a dragging sound,the "Thing" that was being dragged was leaving a red-oil like liquid.It hit the Desk over and over until a drop of the "Liquid" fell on Amy's nose.She smelled the Liquid.Her eyes became wide and her mouth opened.Blood.She jumped out of under the desk and turned on the lights.On the desk,was Ben.Beaten up and all bloody,a trail of his blood stood like a line from the door to the desk.Infront of him,a wolverine.His claws covered in Ben's blood.His eyes red with rage.He ran off before Amy could stop him.911 was called,and Ben was rushed into the Ambulance.Amy,crying,explained the animal who did this to the cops,and they said they would look out for this guy.Amy HAD to solve this mestery now,for the sake of Ben.She ran to Ben's office to see the picture.It was Lily,and it used to have 2 people in it,but half of the picture was cut out.The other person in the picture,was a Wolverine!His claws and his strips looked excatly like the wolverine who attacked Ben!She rushed to see Ben when Work ended.Next to him,Lily."Lily,"Asked Amy,"Do you now any wolverines?"Lily looked with soaking wet eyes."My ex-boyfriend,Luke claws,was a wolverine."She said with pain in her voice,"I'm dating Ben now."Amy's eyes became red and shiney."You,you caused this pain to Ben,you,you,YOU STUPID LITTLE GIRL!"Her fangs shot out of her lips as her claws grabbed Lily's neck and swong her like a rag doll.Blood splatterd everywhere as Amy's claws dug in Lily's felsh.Amy bit her afterwards,causing a blood-curling scream to come out of Lily's mouth."STOP,AMY!"A voice yelled.Ben had woken up."Amy,you monster...."Amy let Lily fall to the ground.She stared at all the blood,and Lily's lifeless body laying under her.Doctors rushed in to see the bloody mess,and the window open,letting a light breaze come in the room.Amy was gone,long gone."Who did this,Ben?"Asked his Doctor,staring at him."Uhhhhhh,I don't know..."

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14 Mar, 2012
Read Time
4 mins
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