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Best Friends
Best Friends

Best Friends

Sky16Tammy : )
3 Reviews

Best friends…
I know that you don’t know me still I feel your presence near me.
I want to give justice to the words which remained unsaid.
Valentine’s is gone; waiting for next year to say “I love you”.
I know that you can’t be mine yet I’m hoping for the best.
Maybe we can be together, maybe we can live apart.
Our hearts are connected, just beat differently.
I look at you and then looked ahead when you noticed me.
It looks beautiful when you move your fingers through your hairs.
Cutest voice I’ve ever heard that day when you talked to me.
Our friendship is growing, like a seed into a tree.
Less you ignore, more I think about you.
Best friends we are now because you love someone more than yourself.
The boy in black, captain of college himself!
You say you love him, he’s in your head.
But I’ll not leave you, I love you as my friend.
I’m so happy for you, hiding my sadness behind.
But we are still connected, more truly more purely as bestfriends.

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Tammy : )
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27 Feb, 2020
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