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Best friends finale

Best friends finale

By Kayceethecool

Zelda cried. Things go bad when Shane was alive. Shane really DIED of knowing she was already there. And things got changed, Zelda became rich. But she doesn't stop crying. Zelda got a cancer. And died. Things got bad again. Zelda was in heaven. But she doesn't saw Shane behind. She cried. But one angel spoke to her.

Angel: Why are you crying?

Zelda: I lost my friend. She wasn't her. Where is she? Did you punished her?

Angel: Well, no. She was down there. From hell. Somebody must have sent her there.

Zelda lost a best friend. She should be there. But they said no. Zelda can't think of her anymore. But Shane was stuck down there. Zelda wants to go back at the land. seeing how much the flower bloom.

Zelda had a promise to Shane that said:

"Don't worry, I will wish to come back at the land and I will get you down there and put you at the heaven. For we could have been together now."

The End.

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15 Jan, 2012
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