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Best Friends Forever
Best Friends Forever

Best Friends Forever

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Best Friends understand when you say forget it,

Best Friends wait forever when, you say just a minute,

Best Friends stay by your side when, you say leave me alone,

Best Friends listen for hours for when your crying on the phone.

Best Friends

The title we choose

But what does it mean to be "best friends"?

You should see each other every day?

Should silly little fights get in your way?

Should you give?

Should you borrow?

Should you dance like there's not tomorrow?

Secrets are traded,

Privacy invaded,

Hugs and smiles are shared,

Tears are shed,

Love is spread,

I smile, my best friend smiles

My best friend cries, I cry

I wish, my best friend wishes

My best friend dies, I die

If my best friend falls

I'll help her up

And if she calls

I'll always pick up

Best Friends Forever,

The promise we made.

And I know in my heart,

That it will never fadeā€¦.

Author Notes: Always remember, your BFF will always be there for you no matter what you say. Be a BFF today. Share your inner goodness to the world...

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27 Jan, 2018
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