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Best Friends ? (Part One)

Best Friends ? (Part One)

By Millie Hiatt

I had two best friends. Charlie and Sarah. They were the best. They were fun, and I knew I could trust them, no matter what.

Sometimes I thought that I preferred one much more than the other. Sarah was much, much more fun than Charlie, but I told Charlie more about my personal life. Sarah and I had so many more inside jokes and memories than Charlie and I, even though I had known Charlie for longer. But Charlie knew about how I had depression, and how sometimes, when things got bad, I would self-harm.

Sarah trusted me maybe more than I would trust her. She was so bubbly and happy all the time, I didnt want to spoil that by telling her all my problems. She told me about how she had a crush on the most good-looking boy in our year, Danny. I supported her, without saying that I had huge feelings for him also.

I had lots of boyfriends. So many they got hard to count. I knew that really, there was only one I actually like liked. That was Danny. I couldnt say anything to anyone about it though. I had to be a good friend to Sarah.

She kept on about him for months, but remained too shy to tell him how she felt. I couldnt help but feel almost happy that she was like that. All of this time, me and Danny had been getting closer on our Instagram messages, but of course I was careful to make sure we always stayed "just friends".

Sarah was crazy about him. Everytime he sent her a little kiss at the end of his messages to her, she would screenshot it and send it through to me. I didnt tell her that he sent them to me every time he messaged, or that it was really weird of her to be doing this.

Charlie always said that she didnt fancy anyone, except for some movie star or whatever. Over time, I realised she too had developed some strong feelings for the same Danny me and Sarah had. I still didnt say anything, but I could see they were both crazy about wanting to go out with him.

I would've loved to have been his girlfriend, though I never said that like Sarah did. I knew someone like Danny would never go out with someone like me. I knew I couldnt go out with him anyway, because I knew Sarah, and possibky Charlie, would hate, hate, hate me if I did.

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Millie Hiatt
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8 Aug, 2016
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2 mins
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