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Best Friends?

Best Friends?

By dama1318

Love. Such a short word.. yet everyone defines it so differently. Kids in the third grade will tell their 2 week old boyfriend/girlfriend that they love them. Highschoolers claim that they love eachother... as well as college students. Engaged couples, married couples.. the word is thrown around a lot. Sometimes... the word isn’t used enough. This is the case for Amanda.

Amanda and Nickolas have been best friends for the last four years... Amanda has been hopelessly in love with Nickolas for the past four years as well. She’s tried telling him how in love she is with him.. But she just can’t. The most she has ever said was that she “liked him”. His response? “The feeling is mutual, but we’re best friends... I don’t want to ruin our friendship”. Her response? “Yeah, no... that’s fine. I understand. I wouldn’t want to ruin anything either”... How did she feel? Her heart felt like it weighed 600 pounds. Her entire world had collapsed. Within those four years of friendship, she had tried a few more times to tell Nickolas that she liked him.. here are a few of his responses; “I’ll always like you, but I don’t think that a relationship is best”, “You deserve someone who makes you their #1 priority... I can’t do that”, “I think it’s best that I focus on school for now”.

Amanda has only known rejection. She’s gotten good news... but bad news had always come with it. “I like you... but” had always seemed to be the case. The two had unexplainable feelings for eachother, yet they couldn’t find a way to be together.

Amanda lies awake almost every night thinking of what could be... What they could be.

All she can ever do is wish, dream, and hope...

Until she decides to use the “L” word.

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18 Aug, 2018
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1 min
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