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BestFriends Forever Part2
BestFriends Forever Part2

BestFriends Forever Part2

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Militia hated her new home and she really missed her best friend Katie and Katie missed her too. Militia turned 12 on her birthday and wasn't happy because she missed having Katie come to her birthday parties. After she opened her gifts she couldn't find anything that reminded her of Katie. After a while Militia told her parents that she'll go back to America and Get back Katie. Her parents just thought of it like she missed Katie But she didn't only miss Katie she missed everything the nicely built houses the kids that will scroll through the park and. the birds that fly by. All of it she missed everything in America. Everything there was a dream to her and she couldn't help thinking about it. She never wanted to leave America all she thought about was Katie her best friend that she claimed she'll never see again. and as she exspcted Her and her family moved farther from America. She was too sad to sleep and never will sleep again until she sees America and Katie. Her parents think she has gone crazy. She wouldn't eat and wouldn't sleep and her mom said she'll die soon and she didn't want that to happen so she told Militia they'll go to America. And as she said they packed and went in their van. they waited for Militia in the van and she came with everything in her room and sat at the back with her phone calling Katie. Katie wouldn't pick up so she gave up. As they were driving they stopped by a gas station. Militia waited in the car and then she heard a ring on her phone. it was Katie After Katie got out of the shower and saw how many missed calls she got she ran and called back they talked for a while and Katie and Militia were so happy they were talking together. Militia's parents got back in the car and continued their drive. And They got to America. Militia got together with Katie and they loved each other very much

Author Notes: Hope you enjoyed the story if you don't support GET OUT
And I'm not lesbian I'm Bi cause I like boys and girls

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7 Mar, 2022
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