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By Matthew Dawson


By Matthew Dawson

Wendy was getting cold. The wind seemed stronger and had more bite to it down on the beach. She slipped her cardigan on. The Cardigan he had bought her. She hadn’t washed it since he gave it to her. She could still smell the faint aroma of his aftershave. She remembered when she showed him the cardigan on the internet.

“I’m saving up for it, it’s lush,” she had said, cringing at how childlike she had sounded.

“It’s nice,” he had said through a smile. He hadn’t mentioned it again.

The following weekend he had given her a present, wrapped in pink paper. When she opened it, the cardigan had been laying inside. She was so excited. He was the most thoughtful person she had met. He had been the one, she knew it and he would too if only he had given it a bit more time.

They had been introduced through a friend. He was older than her, but she didn’t mind. When they were together, she felt older. The conversations so much better than with the boys in her year at 6th form. They hadn’t told anyone about their relationship because he felt it would cause too much pressure on them.

“Let’s keep this between us for now, until the time is right,” he had said.

He was always thoughtful like that, thinking of her and the gossips. They had been away to some really nice hotels on a couple of weekends and would often text during the week. Often NSFW type texts. She would win him back. He was her Mr perfect and she was his Mrs everything, they were destined to be together. A hand on her shoulder pulled her out of her thoughts.

“Hey bestie, you alright? You look a million miles away,” Alysha said

“Sorry, shit on my mind. Let’s go drink,” Wendy said with a big grin on her face.

Alysha was her best friend and had suggested they come to the beach to drink and get away from it all. Wendy had agreed, she liked the beach and needed to talk with Alysha anyway. They had invited her younger sister as well, promising they would not drink and be home by 9pm.

They laid the towels on the beach and put the bottles of wine down they had brought. Wendy was glad to take the heavy backpack off her shoulders. Alysha brought out some speakers, attaching them to her phone. Justine Bieber started blaring out. Wendy smiled but really wanted to throw the speakers in the sea. She wasn’t 10 anymore and didn’t want to listen to Justin fucking Bieber. He had introduced her to much more mature music. Tiny Dancer by Elton John, that was their song. He often called her his Tiny Dancer.

Wendy looked over to see Alysha swaying to the music, taking big swigs from one of the wine bottles she had brought along. Alysha’s younger sister siting next to her, drinking a bottle of coke.

“Not having any wine?” Wendy asked

“Maybe later,” was all she said

Ally, that was her name, was a quiet kid. Wendy wasn’t sure why she had agreed to come. But glad she had. She was a proper Daddy’s girl. She didn’t have any friends, always preferring to stay in watching TV and playing board games with her Dad during the week. Their Mum had died a few years previously. But their Dad had never re-married or even dated anyone due to his fear of upsetting the girls.

Wendy looked again at Alysha who seemed to be on a mission, already finishing half the bottle she had

“Slow down girl and save some for me,” said Wendy, prising the bottle from Alysha’s hands and holding it to her own lips.

Alysha looked at Wendy smiling, a glassy look coming over her face. The swaying was getting more now and not to the beat of Justin.

“You okay sis?” asked Ally, always the ever-caring sister

“Yeah, just feel a bit lightheaded. Guess I should have eaten something before I came. I can just drink though it,” as Alysha finished her sentence a quizzical look appeared on her face and she slumped backwards.

“Lysha,” cried Ally as she dropped her coke and lent over her sister’s now unconscious form.

“I’m sure she’s fine, they were only mild sedatives,” said Wendy in a very matter of fact voice. Ally looked up, confused by what had just been said. But rather than see Wendy’s face, she just saw the crowbar as it swung down and shattered her skull.

Alysha slowly came to. She felt groggy, like she did when she was hungover. But she didn’t remember drinking that much. The next thing she noticed was being in a dark place. A dark, cold, and windy place. Not her bedroom then

“Hello. Ally. Wendy. Anyone here?” she tried to call out, but her throat hurt and it came out as a hoarse whisper.

“Hey Lysh, glad you woke up. You worried me for a while, how quickly you were drinking the wine,” there was real concern in Wendy’s voice and she knelt down in front of her.

Alysha tried to put her hands on the floor to push herself up but that was when she realised they were tied together. As were her feet.

“What the fuck? Wendy what’s going on?”

“We need to talk. Bestie to bestie. You are my bestie right?”

“What’s ging on? Why am I tied up? Where’s my sister?” Panic and confusion in Alysha’s voice

“Questions questions. Your sisters over on the far side of the cave”

“Ally are you alright – “ called Alysha, her throat still hurting and voice still hoarse

“She can’t answer you silly, she’s sleeping”

“If you’ve hurt her I’ll fu…..”

“Bored now. Listen we need to talk. We’re supposed to be best friends, but you won’t let me be happy. That is not bestie behaviour”

“What the hell are you talking about. ALLY, ARE YOU OKAY?”

“I said she’s sleeping, deep sleep,” a snigger as Wendy said this.

“I swear if you’ve hurt her I will kill you” Wendy suddenly reached out and slapped her. Alysha let out a cry of pain as her head snapped to the left with the force of the strike.

“Threats are not nice, especially to your best friend. Why do you have to make me miserable? I was happy, proper happy. In love. He loved me but you and your bitch sister ruined it”

“What are you talking about. Your mental”

“Names can’t hurt me but sticks and stones will break your bones. Or in your sisters’ case, a steel crowbar,” Wendy let out a smile, full of spite and malicious intentions.

“What have you done” Alysha was panicking now and her voice showed it “ALLY,ALLY?”

“Shut up. This isn’t about Ally. Its about me, and you ruining my whole fucking life”

Alysha was sobbing now. She was scared for herself and what had happened to her sister. Wendy had a deranged look in her face.

“I’m sorry for whatever I’ve done. If you let me and my sister go I will make it right. I promise. Just please let us go”

“Thanks Bestie, that’s really sweet of you to say. But not that easy is it? He won’t take me back with you two still there. Feels guilty. I know he loves me, wants to spend the rest of his life with me but you make him feel guilty”

“Who? I will talk to him, I promise. Just please let us go” this came out in between sobs. Alysha was slumped, anger and fight completely replaced by fear and helplessness.

“I love him, he loves me. We are going to be together forever. I just need to remove distractions so he can see this. I know you understand, you get me bestie” Wendy shot her a big smile.

“Please, I don’t understand. Who are you…” Alysha didn’t get any further.

Her voice taken by the blade that was now going through her throat. Her eyes widened as she looked at Wendy, still smiling at her. Alysha tried to move. Tried to shout. Tried to do anything. But her energy was draining fast. She just needed to lay down. Needed to close her eyes. Needed to let the darkness set in. Needed to tell Ally she was sorry, that she loved h…..

Wendy looked down at the lifeless corpse of her best friend on the sand in the cave. The knife sticking out of her throat. Blood pooling on the sand. She reached down and drew a heart in the bloodied grains.

“Besties forever,” she said to Alysha. She was sure Alysha shot her a wink back. A go get him girl acknowledgement. She knew her best friend would eventually understand. Be happy for her. Now her life could truly begin with the man she was meant to be with forever.

She stood up and brushed the loose sand off her legs and shorts. The tide would be in soon and she needed to be out the cave before that happened. Only needs to be 2 bodies carried out to sea this evening. She took one last look at her best friend.

“I needed him to be focussed just on me. We are meant to be together. He needs me. I knew you would understand that bestie” Wendy blew a kiss at the corpse of her best friend and then skipped out of the cave.

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Matthew Dawson
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2 Oct, 2020
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7 mins
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