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By Ghost - 1 Review

Friends are great
they make life easier
and hell as well

They back you up
pick you up
help you a bunch
such an aid

You confide your issues to them
Tell them not to gossip with it
Listen to them say don't worry
and hope thats the whole story

Can't guaruntee safety though
However close you are that they won't lie
Really, is it that hard to believe?
It seems to me thats what we do
Sever trusts and decieve
whatever it takes to acheive our dreams

Betrayal hurts
we hope that won't happen
Naive as it is
We say its not possible
Explain your history
the list of reasons why they couldn't
Recollect your shared secrets
and overlook that possibility
That maybe it could happen

Honestly though
the writings on the wall
We call them friends
a word that spells ends
right in its tail end

Forever there
Relentless care
Is that true?
Even through lies?
Never take them for granted
Destroyed they'll leave us
See Brutus and Caeser for more information

Author Notes: Reviews are always welcome no matter how critical

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9 Jul, 2018
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<1 min
4.0 (1 review)

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