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By baotin

Republic, Washington DC, July 8th 2017.

Two corpses of male and female have been found at the Hamilton Hotel. It’s 11:00 am, local police and technicians have arrive to start the investigation. Yellow tapes hung around the crime scene. The dozen of cops is standing outside and inside the room where victims had been murdered. A frightened atmosphere is filling all over the hotel.

One young men step out from the elevator, he walking toward the crime scene, some police is staring at him and say hi. He nodded quietly, said nothing and keep going. He’s comforting one middle aged cop and swing his hand, show his badge.

- “I’m private detective Michael Dustin, I be hired by the chief officer to come here and help you.” The young men said softly. He’s young, 28 years old.

- “I know, he has told me about this. Do you want to go inside and do some checks ?” The senior policeman said.

Michael nodded. He follow the cop to entry the crime scene. Everything slapped right to his face is one horrifying scenario. Blood everywhere, from the bed to the floor, even the window. And he can see the dead bodies of one couple is laying on the bed. They had been murdered cruelly. This can make any young police or new starting detective can freaking out. But with Michael, it’s so usual, it’s so easy like he is breathing. He looking around the apartment, searching for the evidence. He looking very carefully.

- “You find anything, detective?” The old policeman calling from behind.

- “Nothing, not even a finger print.” Michael said.

- “I know, we have check everything, but the circumstance is not really well.” The cop sighed.

Michael turn up to the police and ask him.

- “Did you know about the victims?”

- “Oh yes, of course. The female is Laura Cohen, one normal housewife in this Republic city. And the guy on the bed with her is Carson Broddick. They’re a secret lovers for more than 3 months.” Said the cop.

- “By our investigation, she’s cheating on her husband. Poor for the guy, he’s the good men.” The cop continued.

- “Just like the first case?” Michael asked.

- “Like the first one.” The policeman agreed.

Michael say goodbye to the cop and leaving the room. Before disappear, the policeman call back to him and said.

- “Did you know the pimps and junkies in this town have give the nickname for this killer. They call him is The Bitch Hunter. Sound like the horror movie, it’s?”

- “Yes, it is.” Michael show his half-smiled and gone.

He come back to his apartment. That’s the small house but very comfortable, beside he still live alone. He enter the working room and sit on the chair, tries to remember to this case.

The first murdered was be found at the Curlew Lake State Park at the midnight. Two corpses of the couple be found at the boat. By the investigation of police and himself, the female victim had the adultery with other man, her lover body be found right next to her. That’s mean there is one killer out there, with the pattern is killing the cheated wives. This guy must be really hate woman, that why his name is The Bitch Hunter. One other psychotic killer, one other despair product of the nature. Now if travel through this American land, he sure that he can find the hundred or thousand murderers like this guy. That’s why this madness world need people like Michael to punish them. Beside, this is the only job he can do. School years with Michael is the terrible period, no one can match with him. He’s always so lonely. But he has one talent that no one have, and make them frightening with him. He can understand the thinking of people around him, he know their action and intention. He can see how cheapness and ridiculous they are. And that’s the reason he choose this job. The only person can encourage him maybe is his girlfriend, Rachel Summer. The cheerful and funny, also the attractive woman.

But now he need to concentrate to this case. And this murderer, The Bitch Hunter is a real tough enemy. He left no evidence, no object. And why he can know, who’s the cheated woman? Why he can know about it? If Michael can’t solve this puzzle, more people will die.

At 5 pm, Michael leave his house. He has a date with Rachel at the theater. “Baby Driver” is such a fine movie with outstanding music and unique directing by director Edgar Wright. This maybe one of his rarely spare time, and he want to enjoy it with his girlfriend. The ending is pretty sad, Michael hopes his life will not finish just like that. After the movie, he pick up Rachel back to her house, they kissed gently.

- “This is the extraordinary date I have since when I was the student.” She smiled.

- “Does it the truth or you just pretending with the boring guy like me?” He smiled back.

- “You are not boring at all.” Rachel said “Maybe sometime you’re little gloomy.”

- “It’s maybe the affected of my private detective career.” Michael shrugged.

- “And I love your job, it’s not often for some guys to sacrifice his social life to protect the civilian from the psychopath and murderers like you. You are the special boy.” She touch her finger to Michael’s chest then kiss him again .

He come back to his apartment and his job. Michael look past at the time, just several days ago. When one strange man came to his house. He is introduce himself is the assistant of Maxwell Damon, police chief officer of this Ferry County. He said his boss want to hire him to discover about the murdered of his wife. Mrs. Catherine Damon was the first victim of this manhunt. Through the speech of his assistant, Maxwell’s wife had cheating on him for a long time. Funny that. Maxwell knew it before but he had made the decision to not interfere, and secretly divorce her. Unpleasant for Catherine, and her lover. They had been murdered right at the Curlew Cake Stake Park. And now Mr. Maxwell want to unmasked this disgusting murderer. Michael going to the bedroom, and nap on his bed. But he can’t sleep right away.

The phone is ring out and wake up the young detective. He grasp the phone and put it on his ear:

- “Detective! This is emergency. The killer had committed the 3rd murder.” The caller shouted.

- “What? Where? I’ll go now.” Michael asked.

- “S. Keller street. I repeat, S. Keller street.” The voice shouted back.

S. Keller is not a crowded street. But thanks to the murder, this place has become the camp for local policeman and investigators. Michael rush to the crime scene, it’ still covered with the smell of flesh and dead bodies. And he has see the victims. Two of them he hang on the tree, the fearness and confused is still remain in their eyes. The crow start fly around them, this is like the generous feast with them. Michael see it without wrinkled.

- “Terrify motion picture, huh?” One young police officer stand near to him said.

- “Just like the Alfred Hitchcock movies.” Michael answered “Have you find anything yet?”

- “If we can, we’ll not to stay here, man.” The cop sighed.

- “I understand. So who is the witness had found the bodies. I want to talk with them.” Michael offered.

- “She’s right there, near the ambulance.”

Michael step near the witness, one mid-aged woman. She can’t stop crying.

- “Sorry Mrs, do I can ask you something? My name is Michael Dustin, the private detective.”

- “I understand. What I can help you?” She sobbed.

- “Just tell me how you can found out the corpses.”

- “That’s the story, detective. First I want to say to you. The woman hang on right there is my friend.” She said.

- “Your friend?”

- “Yes. I had met her just yesterday at the bar. Then after I say goodbye. I can see her is walking with one stranger.”

- “Did you mean the men is laying next to her?” Michael asked.

- “Yes, it’s him. Right at the moment I see her with that guy, I had guess something abnormal.”

- “Did you tell for her husband, did he knows this?” Michael continued.

- “I had called him. But we can’t find her, and then she’s here, hang on the tree.” She said.

- “What the time exactly, the last time you see her?” Michael asked.

- “11:00 pm last night, detective. That’s all I can remember.”

- “Thank for your support, Mrs. The police will help you go home.” He smiled.

Michael still working at the crime scene. Waste more than 2 hours but the outcome seem not really good. No evidence or fingerprint, the killer had clean up everything before he gone away. Very organized and calculating.

- “Sorry, you’re detective Michael Dustin?” One voice calling his name.

- “Here I am.” Michael turn his head back. That’s one woman, on the mid thirties.

- “You have the invite of chief Maxwell, he want to meet you at the police station.”

The detective on the loose to the police headquarter. He has the special summon from the chief Maxwell, the high police officer at this Ferry County. Michael can guess that Maxwell is on the same mood with him. Anxious and concerned about this case.

- “You want to meet me?” He opened the office door at the police station.

- “Yes, come in. I’ve waiting for you.” Maxwell Damon is standing alone in the room.

- “Why you don’t call? Or sent your assistant like usual?” Michael asked.

- “Because I want to meet you directly, my friend. Very nice to meet you, detective Michael.” Maxwell shake the hand with him and tell him sit on the chair.

- “So what’s the exactly reason you calling me, Chief man?” Michael asked.

- “Oh, just call me is Maxwell, or Max. There are no big deal when I call you. I just want to thank you for your hard working, you does very well as the private detective.” He smiled friendly.

- “It will better if I can have more evidences to catch this serial killer.” Said the Michael.

- “Yes, that’s our problem, detective.” Maxwell nodded. He looking to nowhere then staring right to Michael “Do you often hang out with your friends?”

- “Why you ask me this question ?” Michael suspicious.

- “It’s my habit, Michael. Don’t be fool by my career and title. May I’m the chief of police officer, but I am still a men, a normal person with the normal hobbies like everybody else.” He keep smiled “That’s the only reason I call you here. I always want to be nice, especially with who I working with.”

- “Ok, to answer your question. I’m not often to hang out with anyone, except with my girlfriend.”

- “Oh, you have the girlfriend? That’s good for you. It’s make me remember the first time when I met my wife.” Maxwell said “That the happy time.”

- “Your wife, Catherine? But I though she…”

- “Yes, I know. But it’s my fault. And I don’t blame her, you know. Working as the chief of police officer make me don’t have enough of time to spend with my wife and my kids. That’s the pitiful thing.”

Michael say nothing and listening to this man. He start to trusting his high officer. He can be the person Michael can talking to.

- “Many people told me I was too kind to become the cop. But it’s like the fate. What’s about you, detective? Why you become the private detective?”

- “I am just the crazy fan of Sherlock Holmes and Hercule Poirot. Beside, I have the ability to searching people’s weakness.” Michael laughed, Chief Maxwell laughed with him.

Michael leaves the office at 2 pm. He just has an interesting conversation with chief Maxwell. He’s a real nice person, have the respect of civilian in this city, a good cop. He driving his car to the Republic Middle School, his girlfriend Rachel is working here. She is the English teacher. This is the suitable time to meet her. Michael take his car at the parking lot. He goes toward the school field. Then he meet one person he most unwanted. The gymnastic teacher, Tyler Brandt. Michael not often meet Tyler, but in Tyler has something he real dislike. He is exactly the university male student that Michael had studied with at the school time. And he never likes them.

- “Hello man.” Tyler said hi “Where are you going?”

- “I come here to meet Rachel. Do you know where is she?” Michael pretend to be nice.

- “Oh, that so pitiful. She is on the conference room with other teachers. You come not the right time.” Tyler said.

Michael rush to his house with the disappointed. Now he must turn back to this case. Still nothing new is happen. The police is on the loose to wanted his mass murderer. But they never display the nick name “The Bitch Hunter” to the public, it’s not the nicely name for the kids to looking.

At that time, one heavy-set men is walking at the road. He stalking to the one couple is approach one mini hotel. And he grin broadly. It is the time to hunting the whore. He enter the hotel and following the couple to their room. He waiting until they go inside and lock the door. Then, it is his show time.

The young detective once again driving like crazy out of his house. He just have the new call from the police office. The murderer is striking again. One another couple is dead. But through the investigation, one witness has saw on tall men comforting to the victim room. And that witness, she read the newspaper and she know about the existence of one crazy killer in this town. With the extremely doubtful. She has called for the police. But this mean one thing, the murderer still not finished his progress, he couldn’t clean up and swept away all of evidence like before. One small evidence, that’s only thing Michael needs right now.

He enter the hotel room. He is looking and observe very carefully. The killer must have left something. And Michael has found it. It seem the little thing. But with this, Michael believe will find out this freak. It is the dirt, look like the dirt from someone shoes. He left the crime scene quickly with the object contain in the plastic bag. He’ll bring it to the Research Room in the police office.

Michael waiting on the hallway about 15 minutes. Then the door of Research Room is opening, one men waving his hand.

- “We had analyze it! Do you want to see it, detective?”

- “Of course, that’s the reason I’m coming for.” Michael announced.

In the Research Room, the doctors show him the sample of the dirt Michael took off in the hotel room.

- “We have research it very accuracy the materials of this dirt. It can be found in the land of construction.”

- “The construction?” Michael asked.

- “Yes, the construction. The owner of this dirt must be walking through some construction buildings. Or for more precisely, he or she is the worker.” The doctor claimed.

- “Why you so sure about that?” Michael asked again.

- “Through the pictures that be sent by the police officers. Compare with the size of the footprint, it’s must be the adult, and by the shape, we count this is the functional boots can only be use in the construction.”

- “Thank you very much, doctor. You have helped me a lot.” Michael smiled and shake hand with the doctor.

The only construction Michael knows is on the rear of Republic city. They are building the mall in there. Now Michael is going to it. Very high possibilities the murderer is working here. He arrive the construction, he’s finding for someone. One tall and muscular guy approaching him.

- “Can I help you?” He asked.

- “Yes, I’m the detective Michael Dustin. I want to find the men in charge here. Do you can help me?” Michael offered.

- “Absolutely, here I am.” The men chuckled “Call me is captain Brad, or Brad.”

They are sitting in the coffee shop near the construction. Captain Brad begin his speech.

- “Hmm, I know about the killer in town. It really scare me a lot. But if you has suspicious to my workers, I think it’s impossible. Because I know all about them, they can be rude, brutal, or little asshole but they are still the human. They can’t be the cold-blooded monster.”

- “No one? No one have the strange gesture, just a little. Please help me, captain Brad. This case is very important, 8 people is dead. And the killer will slaughter more if we do nothing.” Michael begged.

- “Ok, let’s me remember.” He hesitated for some minutes “Yes, I know one person. I don’t say he’s the killer. He just has something mysterious.”

- “Who that? What is his name?” Michael asked.

- “His name is Randall March. He is working in my place for nearly 3 weeks. I heard before coming the worker, he had working for one city gang, he be arrested by the cop because of used drug overdose. That’s all I know about him.”

Michael driving to the center city. He has the clue, more specific is the name, Randall March. He has call for the police and ask them to search this name. Randall March had committed some crimes in the past, he not killed anyone but had involved with some robbing and drug dealing. One more thing, he not married. And now Michael is on the way to the private house of suspect. He doesn’t has any intension to catch Randall. He just wants to study this worker, and if he really doubtful, Michael has already carry the gun and police phone number.

He approaching Randall apartment. And he presses the ring button. Don’t have any response, he presses for more several times then looking through the window. No one in the house, it’s totally empty. Then he has a opinion. He’ll invade to the house of the suspect and searching. It’s 7 pm, children and adult had come home after the working day, and the road is have no sight of people. Let’s do it! Michael careful open the rare window by the unlock technique he learn from Youtube, now in this age you can study anything by the Internet. It’s very dark inside. Michael takes from his pocket the small-sized flashlight. He uses it to go toward the house. Bed room, living room, kitchen…. Nothing sound weird. Then Michael points his flashlight to the down stair. It’s the basement. He goes down and open the door, but it have been locked. No other choice, he blows the door by his strength. He can see the light button in the room. And he can see the full of photos on the walls. Michael realizes the pictures of murder victims, and for each of the photo have the signal X in them. Michael looks on table in this cellar. And it is contain plenty of paper. He discovers the external truth, about the operation and method of the killer. But the most shocking part is when he see the very familiar face person in these papers. It’s his girlfriend, Rachel Summer. Michael rush out the cellar and gone away the apartment. He climbed up the car then start moving. Then he calls for the police.

Yes, he has figure out. His girlfriend, Rachel, is cheating on him. Her photo on the murderer house have explain everything. She had cheated with her school partner, the gymnastic teacher, Tyler. Now she’s staying at her apartment with her lover. That’s their romantic time. They have sex and have some sexual activities together. And Rachel loves it so much. She loves the moment when her skin is contact with Tyler’s body. She is the sex addicted, and she loves it. She’s always the bitch from original. She like Michael, but she can’t refuse the strong men and muscular like Tyler. What the explanation in this case? Woman love the muscles, especially with the whores.

- “Do it more, Tyler. I love you.” She said.

- “Don’t you have to go home with your boyfriend ?” Tyler answer.

- “Michael ? Oh, he is sweet but sometime so gloomy. He’s not the men like you.” Rachel said with that sexual voice. She’s hungry for his love.

- “Whatever you wants baby.” Oh my god, he loves this bitch. Tyler goes on the bed with her, ready for stage 2.

At right that moment, someone is knocking the door. They have one unexpected guest.

Randall March is waiting outside the apartment. He has followed Rachel and Tyler since they drove from Republic Middle School, he has watched them a day. And now he is gonna does his work. Kill the bitch and her wimp lover. He knocks the door twice, the door is open inside.

- “What up, men? Who are you looking for?” Tyler asked the stranger.

- “Nothing at all.” Randall smiled friendly “It’s just small hunting.”

Before Tyler can responses anything, his throat have been stab by one sharply hunting knife. He can’t even say a word. Randall steps in the apartment. He goes to the bed room. Rachel is sitting on the bed, and thinks Tyler is coming back. The door is open, the tough men with the red hands of blood walking on the room.

- “Hello, beauty.” He laughed. He grabbed Rachel’s neck and pushes her to the floor. Rachel tries to resisting but it’s just worthless.

- “Calm down, calm down.” Randall said calmly “It will be going very quickly, you’ll feel nothing. And please don’t blame me, baby doll, I just follow the order. My master had said to me to send you this regard ‘Whore never deserves the second chance’.” He raised his knife and ready to stab her skin.

But before he can do it, Michael has rush in the room in the right time. He shoots Randall 3 shots in his back. The killer try to stand up, he still grab his knife and run to Michael. So Michael shot him the fourth, right to his forehead, the big man is falling to the ground. His eyes is trying to wrinkled several times, then he dies. The Bitch Hunter is decreased. At that time, police have surrounding the house. They run into the bedroom and check the murderer corpse. Randall was wearing the bulletproof shirt. That’s why he can stand the back shot of Michael. But now he’s really gone.

- “Are you Ok, detective?” One officer asked.

- “I’m alright.” Michael said quietly. He staring to Rachel instantly then turns around, after that he leaving the room “Very glad to associate with all of you.” He said to the cops before disappear. Left for the investigation team doing their work and one woman is shocking on the floor. But this case is still not over.

Michael still not returns back his home. He is driving to the police office. It’s 9 pm, the office is consists some of the staff. Chief Maxwell Damon is sitting on the chair of his office. Michael meeting him.

- “Hello man, I heard that you have caught the killer. Great job, fella. Now my wife can rest in peace forever.” Maxwell thanks and smiled.

- “Yes, I have killed him. Your wife had been avenge, right chief ?” Michael said coldly.

- “I said just call me is Max, right? We’re friends.” Maxwell smirked.

- “Really? So I ask you one thing, friend. I hope you will honest with me.”

- “Yes, what is it?”

- “Why you hired that murderer?” Michael announced.

- “What are you talking about, Michael? What murderer?”

- “Don’t play fool with me, Max, not this time.” Michael blow the table hardly “I’ve enter Randall March basement. I know the truth.”

- “I know you have provides for him arsenal and information about the victims. I even discover your assignment when you release Randall from jail few months ago, no one can have enough power to do that, except for the chief of police office in this Ferry county.” Michael continued.

- “So you have invade his apartment.” Maxwell commented “Like I always think, you are the smart boy.”

- “You have admit your crime, Maxwell ?” Michael asked.

- “My crime? You think I’m the bad guy after all of this ?” Maxwell yelled “I hired Randall March to cleaning this city from the whores like my wife, and like your selfish girlfriend. Yes, detective, I have killed my wife. That is the punishment for her that dares to betray me.”

- “You can divorce her and end up that relationship.” Michael said.

- “That’s not enough, you may don’t knows. But I had saw my mother cheated with my father. Do you can handle that pain when you just an 8 years old kid. And I say no more bitch is deserve to exist in my area. Whore never deserves the second chance.” Maxwell claimed.

- “So that is your reason.” Michael said.

- “That’s right!” Maxwell stands up and open his desk, where he is hiding his Glock and heading it to Michael “Unfortunately for you to discover my secret, now you have 2 choices. First, I’ll shoot the hell out of you with this gun, or you can follow me, like the brother in arm. I always admire you and your point of view with this world. So you will enjoy with me, friend? What do you say?”

- “What I say ?” Michael said slowly “Like a friend, I claim, you have been arrest, son of the bitch.”

The dozen of people who wearing Kevlar suit with the helmet entry the room. There are on word in their cloth, it’s read “FBI”

- “Chief Maxwell Damon, the commander of Ferry county police offices, we will arrest you for your involvement to the deaths of 9 people. You have the license to silence.” One of FBI staff said.

Maxwell is under arrest out of police office. Before leaving, he still tries to screaming and resisting. But everything now is really over. The killing path in the town have been solve. Michael believes he can relax now.

Tomorrow, Michael is prepares everything. He’ll leave this town. He decides to moves to other city, Seattle or Tacoma, whatever. Then he has the call from Rachel. He thinks it’s ok, this may the last time he can hear her voice.

- “What do you want?” Michael asked.

- “So nice to hear you, Michael.” Said the Rachel “Listen, I want to come back with you. I know my fault when I cheated on you. But I can fix that, I promise.”

- “You can fix that ?” Michael said unemotional.

- “Yes, I’ll fix our relationship. I’ll treat you more nicely. I swear you’ll never alone. You can hear me, Michael ? Michael ?”

But Michael has hang up the phone, left for the one woman who still shouting and confession. She tries to call him again. But it was too late, the only thing response to her is just a permanent silence. The endless silence.

The End

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