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A Better Place

A Better Place

By ZachBC

"Dad, when's my little brother coming? Is he still in mom's belly?" 
"Yes, Billy, he's not here yet. Soon, very soon. Then you'll have to be mommy's big boy, and stay with her everywhere she goes."
"Oh yes, Dad, I'll be a big boy! I'll stay with mom everywhere!"
I'm awakened by the visions of my past. "Dan, you can't always live in your past." I lay back down to sleep. Though I try not to, my mind wanders to the things of before...
"Mr. Rogers, I'm so, so, sorry. We've done all we can do. She....she isn't going to make it the night. And...neither is the baby."
"Is there no hope? Is there no chance?"
"I'm so sorry."
I wake to my sobs of pain and regret. Why had this happened to me??? Why me??? Why had my family been taken from me??? My sorrow overtakes me and I cry myself to sleep once more...
"Daddy? why are you home so late? What's wrong? Where's mom? And my little brother? Where are they?"
"Billy, something went wrong tonight. is gone."
"Daddy! No! Is she lost? Where is she? Where's mom?"
"Billy, mommy has gone to a better place." 
"Arrrr! I cannot fall asleep again this night! I cannot bear to see the things that are to come in this horrible story! But I know that if. Do not finish it, it will haunt me for the rest of my life. I lay in my bed for hours, awake, indecisive, trying to decide. Should I finish the tale and see the miserable end? Should I lay awake? My eyelids become heavy, and, against my will, I gently drift into a deep sleep...
I run to my son's bedroom. His lifeless body lying on the bed, a gun beside him, a smile upon his face. I wonder how he can smile, when there's been so much pain. And then I spot a note, lying beside his pillow. I pick it up, I begin to weep more than I have ever in my life as I read the note:
 Dear Daddy,
       I've gone to a better place to find mommy. 

Author Notes: My first sad story. Please comment what you think of it. I would like to develop the story, so critique would be absolutely amazing! :)

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15 Feb, 2015
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1 min
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