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Beyond Pink and Blue

Beyond Pink and Blue

By _vidhi_3015 - 6 Reviews


​​​​​​​​​A girl's future depends on her luck,ostracized from every aspect of her education and upbringing to further complicate her life into living hell. But do we,the judgemental creatures of twenty first century understand her dreams, her hopes, or even her desire to live peacefully? Yes, we do let her live in wondrous ways by manipulating her mentally since her birth to blame her gender as the root of our ceased thoughts. Albeit, we support women empowerment,but only against any wrongdoings stamped in their lives. Nobody bothers to uplift her confidence since the arrival of her awareness to 'the difference' between pink and blue,homely and garrulous, free and confined, and, abused and self respected.

On the other hand,I feel pity for males for not being able to experience the 'special treatment' by our society which is quite systematic so as to lead the thinking of males as feral as they could be. I disagree with the fact that all males are self oriented and dominating but I can easily shoot my approval to difference between men and women even today. So let's clean the germs of misconceptions from the epidermal layer of levelled ego stuck in our brains to sanitize the present for it does matter, to stimulate actions through thoughts.πŸ™

Author Notes: Thanks a lot for reading thisπŸ™!! Looking forward to writing even better for the readers...hope you enjoyed!
Pls do like and recommend this further!❀️

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9 Jul, 2020
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4 (View)
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