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Big Problem (Part 1)
Big Problem (Part 1)

Big Problem (Part 1)


"What? Will you never obey my command? You are lazy and you have no respect!" Christina shouted at me. Actually she's my mom but i have a bad attitude so I called her by her name.

"If that's easy, why don't you do it? tss" answering her with a poker face. She would have slapped me but I grabbed her arm fast. "All right, slap me, Christina! Oh you can't? It's okay because I'm leaving with Stephanie and we have another fight." I relesead her hand and left my hell house.

Tss I'm Precious 13 years old and I am a gangster. I am with my sister, Stephanie and I always bring her to fights. See? We're still young we still fight but we don't care 'cuz they're mean.

"Oh my! Enyo! Let's watch your game!" Anastasia called, my friend. They called me that here in the hideout which means "Goddess of War". I am a rank 1 here in the Fortune Favors the Brave or FFB. You thought that we're kind and innocent through our faces,but you got it wrong, baby.

"OKAY! ENOY IS HEREEE!" referee announces then all the crowds cheered. I just smirked and get rid off my hoodie.

I entered the ring and I will fight the son of the owner of this company, Clody. He looks weak,tss.

Author Notes: Part 2 coming up! Thanks for reading! :>

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20 May, 2020
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1 min
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