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Big Problem (Part 2)
Big Problem (Part 2)

Big Problem (Part 2)



We started the game... he punch me many times but it's nothing to me because I recovered and punched and kicked him out fast. And when he will almost lost his balance, I used my secret technique, the Lockdown Spin.

"Woah !! Our rank 1 Enyo has redefined his secret technique! I want to learn that partner again!" The emcee announced and because of what I did, the crowds are cheering even my squad, The Risk.

And the next game will be my squad and Clody's squad, Young Threats.

Toast! We are tied 3-3 whuch means we still have a game next week, snap!

"Nice game, Enyo!" Clody smirked which makes my face angry, tss what an ugly face!!

"Okay" I said coldly and we left with Anastasia and Stephanie.

"Snap, will we fight again next week hope we win?" Stephanie asked hopefully and tired because of the game.

"Of course, yeah, Precious and Clody will fight,yiee" Both Stephanie and Anastasia teased. What if I stabbed their eyes?!

"It's up to you .. Stephanie, let's go to hell again " Stephanie saddened her face.
No Christina in the house so we eat dinner and take a bath. And we go to our own room and I stared at the ceiling

'Toast! when am I going to have a boyfriend? I'm really lonely! Why doesn't anyone care about me? I hate you, world, you b***! '

Author Notes: Awieee to be continue :>

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27 May, 2020
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1 min
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