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"PRECIOUS!!" Someone shouted behind me as I was walking by myself on the road. I was looking at who, in fact, was with Clody's squad, Kimberly.

"Yes?" I ask

"Uhmm ... cuz ..." I waited for her to speak with a raised eyebrow. "Well ... can you .. can you have some coffee?"

That's all she have to say? pft. "Yes of course..where?"

"In our hideout, Clody and Richard... just want Clyde to celebrate because you won again" she answered with her "innocent" smile.

"Okay, what time?"

"Hmm it's about 4pm ... I just want to remind you that you should be alone ahh don't include Stephanie and Anastasia" she smiled again .. suddenly I was nervous for no reason.

"A-ah okay..just wait for me." She nodded and left ... whatever that was.

--time skips--

I told my squad that there was a celebration going on but they just didn't go because Kimberly said so.

Maybe when I get home, Christina will get mad at me again...and that doesn't mean I miss my mom! Do you want to know why? I'll just say next time since I'm here at the hideout.

“Oh! Here, Enoy is the No. 1 FFB gangster! ” Clody says hello to me and suddenly puts his arm in my back .. well i will admit that he is handsome but his ugly temper eases me

"Tss where's the coffee?" I bored to ask because I want coffee immediately.

"COFFEE! COFFEE!" He ordered Richard to suddenly get up and go to the kitchen .. yes this hideout is like a house that is all you need ... gyms, sports, etc.

The four of us sat at the round table and Richard had just finished our coffee. "So, Enoy, you are just new here but you are great in martial arts," Kimberly said with a sassy tone. I don't know why she always looks like I did something bad to her?

"Ahh yes, long story" i said with a cold tone pft

“So why all of a sudden? I just won the prize but why now? ” I asked them questions and drank the coffee.

Clody look at me and smirk, "Cause i want a rematch..again" I was surprised at the reason so I stand up

“WHAT ?! AGAIN?! WHY ?! ”

Author Notes: The continuation of the story is coming up :>

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28 Jun, 2020
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