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Big Problems
Big Problems

Big Problems


Riley’s a 10-year-old 4th grader who is bullied by 5th grader Dereck and Dereck’s gang. He dislikes everyone he sees at school. Riley loves everything that’s a living thing, but he makes an exception for Dereck. Riley knows Dereck’s gang members are two good students they're just afraid of Dereck. If Dereck was not so mean, they (his gang) would probably quit Dereck. Obviously that’s not the case. It’s about a month in school, and he was already being teased about how he looks. It was an upsetting start for the school year.

When he is at school one day, Dereck and his gang laughed at Riley because of his glasses. Riley got very upset, so he ran up the stairs to his class lockers.

Dereck ran up the steps after Riley, but then one of the kids in Dereck’s gang said “We will catch up Dereck don’t worry!’’ Then the other kid said “We are exhausted!’’ Then Dereck says “Okay but hurry up so you can help me get Riley.’’ Riley stopped and looked at his locker then, smiled. Then he jumped right in. He slammed his locker closed. Dereck heard a slamming sound but did not know where it came from. Then Dereck looked at lockers and in a laughing voice said “It would be way too easy!’’ Then Dereck’s gang finally showed up. Then Dereck got outraged because HE COULD NOT FIND RILEY! Then his gang got scared. They tried to calm him down, but it was no use when Dereck isn’t happy, nobody’s HAPPY.

Then one of the kids says “It’s Riley’s classroom Dereck!’’ Dereck says “How do you know? Then the other kid said “Look Dereck!’’ Dereck looked at an angle through the door window and saw a desk with Riley’s name on it, and the best part was NO Teacher. The students were there, but the teacher ran out for a second. They gave Dereck a thumbs up. Dereck smiled and nodded. It’s pure luck if you make Dereck happy.

So, they barged into the classroom interrupting everyone, but Dereck didn’t care. Then Dereck shouted,” Where’s Riley?” Then a kid from Dereck’s gang said “You heard him. Where is he, huh?” Everyone was silent. Then Dereck said, “ No more goofing around”. Now he was raging with fury! That was because no living soul saw Riley that day except Dereck and his gang, but that was only when they teased him that morning. They searched the classroom just in case Riley was hiding somewhere in the classroom.

Every student was afraid of Dereck, his gang, not so much. The school staff found him to be a real problem. After minutes of searching, Dereck decided to give up. Then they heard footsteps approaching, so they skedaddled.

Dereck and his gang were frustrated and upset that they couldn’t find Riley. Dereck led his gang down the steps, they were late for lunch and were starving, but they weren’t the only ones though.

Riley didn’t know if they were gone or not, so he decided to stay in the locker for the rest of the school day. After about an hour, Riley was pretty sure Dereck and his gang were gone, so he thought he ought to come out now. So, he tried to open the locker and voila nothing? Then he saw his shirt was jammed in the locker door. He realized he must have gotten stuck when he had jumped in the locker earlier that morning. Then he heard his classmates repeating these words “It’s snowing!’’ Riley loved seeing snow, but since he was stuck in the locker he couldn’t see any. He was upset and also starving.

So, even though it was uncomfortable and difficult Riley managed to turn around and started to bang on the back of the locker. Then he started yelling. Finally, his classmates recognized the yell and told their teacher. “ Riley is behind the wall”! One of the kids said. “ Let’s check Riley’s locker,” said another.

Riley’s best friends, who were twins named Peter and Xavier, so of course were the first to his locker. It would not open. Then Riley said “Help me!” A bulky kid named Max from his class tried too. He pulled and pulled on the locker handle and it finally opened up. Riley gave everyone a hug. He even got to see the snow coming down. He was so happy.

First, Riley ate his lunch in the classroom and then visited the bathroom. He heard children talking, what he didn’t hear was an alert. It was very very bad. The alert was that someone had just broken into the school! Riley heard his class immediately stampede out of the room. Riley whispered to himself, “That can’t be good.” Then when he emerged from the bathroom, his classroom was like a ghost town. He creeped out of the classroom and looked at the other classrooms. All of them were ghost towns. This was not a good sign.

Then right as he was about to turn around the corner it hit him. When he turned around the corner, he saw the guy who broke in. Riley froze in fear. They both stood in shock. Riley backed away slowly. Then the guy yelled “Stop!’’

When Dereck was evacuating, he heard the guy and dashed upstairs. When Dereck saw what had happened, he realized how scared Riley must be. He knew he had to do something, but what? Dereck without thinking ran at the guy, grabbed his wrist, and flung him to the ground.

Riley was astonished.

Then Dereck ran to Riley, grabbed his hand and took off. The boys went to the back of the school without checking to see if the bad guy was following them. “Wow!” they said in unison when they slowed down. Riley said, “ You saved me!” Then Dereck said, “Huh, once in a lifetime.” “Riiiiiggghhtt,” said Riley. Dereck patted Riley on the back. Dereck walked away.

Riiiiiinnnnngggggg! Dereck’s gang said, “We quit Dereck!” Dereck didn’t care. Riley walked home all the way.

“Ding Dong.” “Hi Michael, hi Sparky,” said Riley. “Michael can I talk to you for a second?” asked Riley. “Sure,” replied Michael. Michael is Riley’s 12-year-old brother, but very nice. They went into Michael’s room then. Riley said, “You remember Dereck the bully right?” “Yeah,” said Michael, “Why?” “He saved me from a bad guy this afternoon, without him I would be toast.” “Wow!” Michael said astonished by what his brother had told him. Michael exclaimed, “That sounds cool to me!”. Then Riley asked, “You really think so?” Michael said, “I know so Riley.” Then Riley replied in an upbeat voice “ Thanks!”

Together, the brothers went to the kitchen to make hot chocolate with marshmallows and then, went outside to play in the snow. “Yes!” Riley whispered to himself, “Yes indeed.”

Riley does not feel scared anymore, after the talk he and his brother had. He loved his brother. They got along really well, (at least most of the time they did). He does not know if Dereck has really changed or not, but he was fine either way. If Dereck was still a meaniepuss, at least he didn’t have any supporters anymore. If Dereck was still a bully, Riley would try and change that thought.

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30 Aug, 2019
Read Time
6 mins
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