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bioluminescence (part two)
bioluminescence (part two)

bioluminescence (part two)

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George saw only the irritated flick of Dream’s tail and the bright yellow blur of his oversized hoodie as he disappeared from view.

And with that, Dream threw open the door and ran into the night.

Sapnap stood in silence for a moment. He hesitated before moving silently to shut and lock the door.

For the first time, George saw the extent of his injuries. The entire left side of his face was bruised lightly and coated in a thin layer of dirt, and severe burns showed from under his rolled-up sleeves. The knees of his jeans were ripped, revealing raw scrapes adorned with dried blood.

Sapnap glanced around the room, wiping dirt off his cheek. His eyes fell on George, and in an instant, his worried expression switched back to chill and unbothered. "Oh hey! We wake you up? Sorry ‘bout that."

George looked him up and down, pretending he hadn't watched the whole interaction happen before him.

"The burns? I'm alright. Charged creeper blew up. Naturally spawning one, too. That's pretty rare, right? I mean, what are the odds that a creeper accidentally gets struck by lightning?" The smallest hint of a smirk hung about his expression. "One in seven-point-five trillion, maybe."

Sapnap acted cool, but in places the facade cracked. He averted his eyes, and heavy awkward silence hung about.

"Where's Dream?" George's whisper laid in stark contrast to the shouting mere minutes before, restoring the thick air and sharp silence Sapnap had tried to disperse.

Sapnap glanced away for a split second. "He, uh, ran off. Pissed ‘cause I called him a bitch. He’ll come back, though. Probably went to go kill everything in the woods again, if you wanna look for him now."

“Are you. . . okay?” George realized this should have been an immediate question and felt a rush of shame.

“Mostly. Turns out blast-resistant armor only protects you if you’re actually wearing it.”

“So,” George deadpanned, “you went outside, in the middle of the night, during a thunderstorm, and didn’t wear armor?”

“Chill, you sound like Dream. You’re not my mom either. And yeah, I did.” He shrugged, “I had to be sneaky.”



“How does not wearing armor make you more sneaky?”

“Shiny enchanted armor makes light. No armor means no light, which makes you harder to see. Harder to see means less likely to get caught. Plus it’s easier to run without armor.” Sapnap added with a huff, “I didn’t think I’d have to explain this to you.”

“Yeah, I know that—“ George stopped. “Wait, why did you have to be sneaky?”

“I’d rather not say.”

“What were you doing,” he pressed.

“Ugh, fine. Quackity killed my dog so I was going to go. . . burn stuff.”


“Yeah, arson.” Sapnap brought his hand to his side, flicking an imaginary lighter— a bad habit of his when he had none to fidget with.

“That’s fair, honestly. An eye for an eye.”

“Right? I didn’t even get to do it though, I barely got halfway there before I got, like, stormed by mobs.”

George squirmed at the subject change. “Can we, um— go find Dream, please?”

With a ragged sigh, Sapnap explained, “You can. I think he’s, like, really mad at me right now. He’d probably rather cool off with his boyfriend by his side than the guy who ticked him off in the first place.”

“I’m not Dream’s boyfriend.”

Sapnap grinned. “Sure you aren’t.”


“Should I ask Tommy about what he witnessed happening on the crafting table and ender chest, then?”

“We do not discuss the crafting table and ender chest.”

“Not his boyfriend though, huh,” Sapnap said with a sly grin.

“Shut up.” George added with an eye roll, “You’re so annoying.”

“Anyway,” he continued, turning to look for something, “I’m looking for Dream. You can stay and sit miserably with your messed-up arm, I guess.”

“Wow, thanks. So nice.”

“I know.”

George said nothing else as he grabbed his color-correcting glasses and headed out the door.

Author Notes: the second part!! sorry it took so long :P thoughts?

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18 Apr, 2021
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