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Birds Changing

Birds Changing

By Lc031703

Birds Changing

I’m a baby bird. In the nest, with my brother and sister birds. Three bird siblings, bird mom and bird dad. They love us all very much, try their best to give us anything and everything we want. But, as us birds grow up, we want to live. We see all the other birds flying and leaving the nest. Getting their own worms, feeling the freedom and flying and living the best of their short little lives.

As I grow older, I try my best to leave the nest, but mom and dad bird are scared to let us go. I find myself always standing at the edge of the nest, right near the edge. Ready to jump, falling, falling, falling, and then suddenly I flap my wings. The more I flap the more I find myself going up and away. Mom and dad bird finally let me fly! Feeling slight freedom, but still being restricted. I cannot fly to my own nest, cannot spend time at my friends' nests, have to be back at my nest every night. Dad bird says I’m changing; I wanna fly out and live, but I might as well be caged.

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2 Dec, 2020
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