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Birthday Boy

Birthday Boy

By LOLteen

This is the story of a young boy whom's birthday is today and he is turning 13. It's Friday at last and the boy is walking home a bit later than usual, due to celebrating his 13th with some of his friends and junk food, and as he approached the doorstep of his house the door was slightly open "A surprise party perhaps?" thought the boy.

He opened the door in eager anticipation to presents and the yelling of "Surprise" from his little sister, mother, father and grandmother. But as the 13 year old boy opened the door he saw a torn 'surprise' banner, smashed china and furniture everywhere as is there had been a large brawl here. The boy saw sprays of red on the wall, he prayed to the gods this was not what he thinks it was. It was.

Scared and confused he ran about the house shouting out and looking for everyone but to no avail, nobody could be found just more blood smears and splatters and more messes. The boy feared for his life as he turned for the front room to run for it and get help but when he got to the front room where the door is a scary large looking man holding a pair of knives, one in each hand, was there. The boy froze in fear as the large man approached him slowly, "Please" the boy squealed out to the man but the man just raised his blade at the boy. The boy stood no chance against the mighty swing of the blade.

Blood spurted everywhere. The man stood and stared emotionless and unwavered. The world darkened for the boy as he got colder and only thought "Why?".

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About This Story
16 Jun, 2011
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1 min
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