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Birthday Gift

Birthday Gift

By robertcain

It would soon be her birthday so what to buy her? Well you may think that I am the kind of guy who petrol station flowers & a card from the pound shop might suffice.
No way mate I am a modern metro sexual man, who knows how to please his lady on all levels.
So just needed some time to set the wheels in motion and off we go. As I tell this story of love and life, I hope we can take this journey together and may be this could turn into some kind of self help book for welsh men.

Well let me set the scene & see if you can guess the birthday surprise by the way my name is Rob and my lovely lady is called Samantha or Sammy for short. Ok it feels like we are getting to know each other so off we go.

Every morning we are up at about 06.30 so we can watch sky sports news. Cup of tea and a couple of fags (sorry smoking is not clever & in now way am I promoting smoking) and then our 1 treat we have every morning without fail instant coffee with cream. Yes I know what your thinking posh buggers.
Then we check the banks on line and get ready for the paper review at 07.30. Hold on to your hats this is edge of your seats stuff, just try and bear with me.
Then we get the kids up, one off to school and the other two bounce from floor to ceiling till bedtime & then we have a nervous breakdown, we have our tea or evening meal if your posh & we start again next day.

Have you guessed yet? There were clues there. Ok then the next important think is the post. Why the post I hear you asking, well I am waiting for part of Sammy’s birthday gift to arrive with the postman. And yes its here yipeeeeeee. We sit and open the envelope together Sammy’s confused as she has no idea what’s going on and thinks I have really lost my mind this time. But than she opens up the envelope and inside the magic tickets.

Tickets I hear you asking what for a cruse round the Mediterranean? A romantic week end for two in Paris? Or could it be shopping in New York? Well let me tell you. It’s better than all them put together.
Ok let me put you all out of you misery. Its only bloody tickets to see Manchester United at home against West Bloody Ham. Unbelievable, what a present.

Well there are going to be two chains of thought here, what a tight get FOOTBALL, have you lost your mind. Who in there right mind takes a woman too a football match?
And then there is the guy’s point of view - well sounds good to me, great gift.
Well there were a few days too kill until we set off to sunny Manchester and nerves where setting in. for me it was going home to my home town and for Sammy it was going somewhere for the first time in her life.
Well the big day came and we set off on the long drive up to the theatre of dreams. We found a nice cheap hotel; made sure we had our coffee and cream for the morning and waited.
Sleeping was almost impossible, it was like being a child waiting for Father Christmas to bring our presents on Christmas day. The morning came and went, we sat around the clock not moving, time seemed to be standing still. But then came the moment we had waited for time to go.

As we got off the train at old Trafford and walked over to the boozer near the ground. People were everywhere red white and black, there is a humming in the air at a big match. Thousands of people all there for one reason. Too see their team.
You can almost smell the anticipation on the people as they slowly move towards the famous out stadium. Considering the amount of people the air is very quiet only interrupted by sudden out burst of United, United as we get onto Sir Matt Busby Way the mood suddenly changes the fans are more vocal and the football chanting is growing louder and louder. Sammy is very quite could it be the disappointment of being dragged to see a footy match or is it fear of all these people chanting and singing.

As we go through the turnstiles and go up to find our seats. At this point I need to be honest with you all. Samantha loves Manchester united and this was the best birthday gift ever. As she walked through so you can see the football pitch her eyes were like a Childs eyes on Christmas morning, tears welled up in both our eyes. The tears in my eyes where there because I had made Sammy so very happy on her birthday & the tears in her eyes was seeing here heroes at long last.

And the icing on the cake, our boys did great and her first ever live match was a victory.

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22 Feb, 2011
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4 mins
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