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Bitter Words
Bitter Words

Bitter Words

4 Reviews

I used to think the most sad word is ‘almost’. For instance, he almost wanted her. Or, they were almost happy. You almost made it. She almost remembered. But now I realize I was wrong. ‘Worthless’ is the most sad word.

If something is useless, you cannot use it for anything. But, some people keep useless things, because they have sentimental value. It can be a broken pocket watch, or a torn toy, or even a candy wrapper. But we keep it because it has value to us. No one else would understand, but we love these things for no apparent reason. They have value, they are of worth.

But if something is worthless, then it doesn’t even have sentimental value. It is of no value, and has no use. Like any worthless thing, it should be removed. Taken away to make space for something else. Like any worthless thing, it is cast out, removed, and not thought of afterwards.

But the most sad thing is that I apply both of those to myself. I was almost good enough. But in the end, I was worthless.

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9 Jun, 2018
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