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Bittersweet Ending :[

Bittersweet Ending :[

By tangerine

I fell in love with a boy,
I named him as my Coi,
We haven't meet yet ..
But my heart's already in melt .

He named me as his HIME,
Telling he has a princess in me,
I'll always be his hime he said,
And would love me like what he said.

Every time my phone rings,
A sudden happiness could bring,
For i know it was he who TEXTED..
And my "UNLI" is now EXTENDED.

I felt how 'tis to be valued..
To be loved that made me allured.
Just for a person over the phone...
but in him, I was never been alone.

The Story has now ended.
Coi and Hime are now dead...
There's only Ande and Carl now,
We should forget , but how?

I don't know why you still came..
Seeing my phone without your name,
you're far but genuinely loving..
but those memoirs are worth having.

He will remain as a good memoir,
A lesson from a love from a far..
Longing to see him one day ..
Hoping it could happen one day .

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About This Story
28 Nov, 2010
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<1 min
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